Need a new PC Monitor

(Fatmanp) #1

Looking to get a new PC monitor. Below are roughly the specs I am looking for

-1080p 60hz (I tend to play a lot of games which I cannot run at 144hz ie. Witcher 3 and GTA V)
-low response time i.e 1ms/2ms

  • 24" or greater
    -if possible with a rotating stand
    -Budget around £200
    -DVI connection / HDMI if possible

Not sure if all that is doable with that budget as I am a novice in terms of monitors.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Adam Mc Collum) #2

Benq is a pretty solid brand and seems to fit most of your requirements. Im sure you could get a different stand if necessary with the £89.11 you have left. I have a 22’ Benq at home and a 24’ at work and both are pretty nice.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Why 60hz?

(Fatmanp) #4

Because I play a lot of high end games and wont reach 144fps and do not want to pay out for a gsync monitor.Unless of course you know of any real bargains then I will stretch beyond the budget.

(Fatmanp) #5

How about this one

(C**t ) #6

If your budget is £200 you should be looking at 120Hz+ really, unless you plan on not upgrading your GPU for quite a while or are planning to get a 4k monitor when you do eventually upgrade.

(Fatmanp) #7

Could you recommend a 120hz monitor?

(C**t ) #8

(Gavin Rainey) #9

why that over the benq?

(C**t ) #10

Nicer Colours, if hes not playing things like cs he wont use half the esport type of features on it.

(Gavin Rainey) #11


a good reply

(DayC) #12

BenQ is my next purchase seen them in action and they look nice, I currently have the 24 inch version of that iiyama and it’s good on a budget but when your budget is 200 there are much better options.

(Fatmanp) #13

Silly questions. 144hz monitors. Can you change the refresh rate to something lower i.e 120hz and 60hz if needed for games that will never reach 144fps.

(Xenoscythe) #14

You can indeed. Mine is 144hz and i run it at 120 with lightboost, which enables strobing and removes all motion blur.

If you play any FPS game half competitively and can run it at over 120fps I’d recommend a 144hz more than pretty much any other computer upgrade!!

If you’re looking for 144hz and nicest colours you’d be looking at a bit of a budget increase however. The colours aren’t really that bad though and the monitor @Sith linked is highly regarded as one of the best entry level 144hz’s.

(DayC) #15

Yes can be changed in the various control centers that come with graphics cards or in Windows display properties.

(C**t ) #16

No they are by no means bad, but they are noticably better, having used them both i prefer the ASUS, the back light is also stronger on the ASUS too.

(Fatmanp) #17

Tempted with that Asus. One final question. Does running the desktop at a higher refresh rate put any strain on the gpu at idle. My 780ti down clocks and very rarely goes past 33c idle even during the hotter days of summer?

(C**t ) #18

Having 2 screens, one capable of 120Hz one capable of 144Hz, when my second monitor is set to 144 it makes my first card clock to 600MHz-1000Hz. When I lower it to 120Hz it downclocks as it should, back to 100MHz. So if you pick a 144Hz monitor you can put it at 120Hz and it’ll let your card downclock when at idle.

(Fatmanp) #19

So you run a dual monitor set up? I will only be using a single monitor. Will it down clock on a single at 144hz or will i still need 120hz?

(C**t ) #20

I run a triple set up atm, so im not sure if it does it on a single monitor set up, would have to ask someone with a 144Hz monitor in a single monitor setup.