Need a new mobilio

(Dean) #21

This guy knows what he’s on about. #Nexus5life

(Sam Hather) #22

Yeah I went with the 6p, forgot to post… Had it since Wednesday.

Best phone i’ve ever seen, it’s fucking incredible.

So responsive, camera is unreal, music playback seems okay, and the screen. HOLY FUCK THE SCREEN. IT’S SO FUCKING PERFECT. also it loses like zero charge when locked

(Sam Connolly) #23

If you drop the screen to like 0 brightness, does everything still go pink? It was one of the issues with the 6, it sacrificed accuracy for brightness, but it did go really fucking dull which was nice when it was late at night

(Sam Hather) #24

Just seems to go dark for me mate… never used a Nexus before but i’m pretty sure it isn’t pink!

(Webb) #25

talk to me

(Scott) #26

iphones don’t have good hardware wot? they have amazing hardware. the iphone 6s/plus DESTROYS all 2015 android devices in benchmarks. personally i’d never own an iphone because of the software but to say they don’t have good hardware is flat out wrong. also, since the s6 samsung’s software has improved dramatically. they don’t have the bloatware you associate with samsung anymore. sony’s never had much bloatware, their ui has always been one of the closest to stock android out of all the big brands.

(Sam Connolly) #27

They don’t destroy in benchmarks. There’s a good 5+ phones above it. Good hardware yes, never said they were bad, but it’s not the most bang for your buck

(Scott) #28

more benchmarks, better tests, more reputable review. iphone destroys android in benchmarks.

(Sam Connolly) #29

“Graphics wins by benchmark” well yeah, it’s like trying to run a 4k monitor vs running a 1080p monitor with the same hardware. Bullshit test. The physics one is a mostly CPU test, that’s a good one to look at for actual benchmarks.