Need a new mobilio

(Sam Hather) #1

Good evening everyone!

My phone has finally passed. R.I.P

Can anyone recommend me some phones/good places to get phones these days etc.

Don’t want an iPhone, will look at everything else though!

(Dean) #2

New Nexus 5. I’m using the old LG one and have no plans of changing other than to the new one. Been more than happy with the phone.

(Sam Hather) #3

I was thinking of getting this fucker -

is that what you mean?

(Anthony) #4

Galaxy note 4/5.

Whatever you decide to get hit me up I can get it for around 30-35% retail.

(Dean) #5

That is fine too. There is the 5x and 6p. The 5x is a bit smaller and made by LG, the 6p is made by Huawei. Both the same phone software wise to my knowledge, I just prefer the smaller screen.

(Sanchez ) #6

Blackberry Priv , did feel quite big in my hands though, But so does all phones that are 5.2"+


Has the note 5 got a release date for UK yet? Last time i looked it hadn’t got one (that was about 6/8 weeks ago now). Was seriously considering getting one.

(Sam Hather) #8

how much would it be for the 6P? any idea?

Note is definitely an option - any idea when the 5 comes out?

@Noodle much like the gyaldem the bigger the better for me

@Sternritter Thanks mate! Not a BB fan tho!

(Anthony) #9

Note 5 is sold in UK online but can’t get that cheap. Same with 6P. Sorry.

Can get
note 4 32gb for 130 (only 1 left)
S6 edge plus 32gb for 165
IPhone 6 plus 128gb for 220

So if there’s other phones you’re interested in let me know via PM.

(Xenoscythe) #10

I’m using the S6, I do recommend.

(Peter Woodberry) #11

Can I ask why you dont want an iPhone? I used android phones after I got rid of my iPhone 3S but then got an iPhone 6 when it came out and its trumped every phone I used inbetween in every aspect.


For me it’s the lack of flexibility and being shoehorned into using their software. The alternative is jailbreaking but then you may as well have gone Android which gives you that freedom anyway.

I had the original iPhone from Noodle, then i think it was the iPhone 3 or 4 i had before going with my S4. It’s not that their specifically bad phones, moreover that the user is forced to use their shit systems. To be fair though, I’ve not looked into the spec differences so i can’t comment on that too much, but not having to use iTunes pretty much sold me instantly.

(Sam Hather) #13

Basically what Bagel said. I like having adblock on my phone among a load of other things. I very rarely stick with the original Android OS either, and wouldn’t want to stick to iOS.

anddddddddd FUCK ITUNES

But yeah I use my phones for a lot of home media shit so linking it up with my android box etc. Is quite important to me.

(Peter Woodberry) #14

Fair enough, I only use mine as a phone/social media device so I dont need to change anything about it.

Also I dont use iTunes. Spotify all the way!

(Sam Hather) #15

Don’t you have to use iTunes to do shit when it’s plugged into your pc tho?

And yeah iPhones and Galaxies are both really good if you just wanna use em as standard phones! (Apart from how wank Touchwiz is on Samsungs)

(Peter Woodberry) #16

I dont plug it into my PC mate, I upload to dropbox to get photos off and stuff.

(Dean) #17

Adblock is built into iOS 9 now. You do need to use iTunes if you connect to your PC, but I honestly don’t see why you’d connect to your PC these days. Only time I do is to charge my phone.

As for connecting to an android box, you should be fine to do that if you’re just syncing films and audio. I’m sure there are apps for it out there. I want to try the new iPhone as I haven’t had one since the original, so I’m tempted by Ants offer. Not like I’ll ever get rid of my Nexus.

(Sam Hather) #18

I assume that would only be if I used Safari though?

As for connecting to PC I transfer quite a lot of hipster alert unstreamable songs to my phone!

and yeah like I say I usually use custom os’s on both my phone and my android tv though, so there’s usually a shit tonne of compatability issues that I can’t be arsed with. I’m not saying iphones are shite, they’re just not for moi :smile:

(Anthony) #19

Only iPhone I like is the 6plus. I’m not a fan of iOS but it’s phablet sized and since I got the note 4 I couldn’t see myself using a smaller phone again.

Anyone who wants a new phone, tablet, laptop etc hit me up.

(Sam Connolly) #20

Dunno if I’m too late here, but the Neuxs devices are fucking sweet, I started with the old Nexus 5, lasted until I pretty much power slammed it into the ground while I was out for a run, then went up to a Nexus 6 (not the 6p). Nexus 6 is an awesome phone, I can only imagine the same for the 6p / 5x. I’d probably try and hold something of a similar size before you buy a 6p though, this iPhone 6 plus is about the same size. But it’s fucking massive, my 6 hangs out the top of most of my jean pockets. Doesn’t bother me personally but it’s something to bear in mind.

My general summary of phones:
Samsung - Really good hardware, but their software is full of shite. You’re going to want at the very min 16 gig on board memory. Their bloatware hogs about 4gigs of memory on the J5 (budget phone, but I doubt it changes much for any of their other phones) and also there are a lot of apps which need to sit on your phones memory rather than SD card. The solution to this is to flash a new rom, but you void your warranty doing this, can risk bricking your device if you don’t know what you’re doing, but tbh, it’s not a very hard task to do. Loads of guides on XDA developers.

iPhones are really good because even though the hardware isn’t the very best out there, their OS is definitely the most user friendly. Personally not a fan of iOS because when I used it it was a bit too restrictive and I don’t care about things being simple, I’d rather have more information which I don’t understand / don’t need to understand than find out I can’t do something because the OS won’t let me.

Nexus devices are awesome, I love clean android phones, but the biggest issue with these phones is that there’s no SD card. The businesses make profit by charging you an extra £50 - £100 for onboard memory when you buy the phone.

Sony - Same boat as Samsung, really nice phones, but quite a lot of bloatware, not noticed as much as I have with Samsung, but it’s still there from phones I’ve used.

tl;dr Nexus are good, I’m biased, I hate everything else