Militia Masters Data

(Sam Connolly) #21

Carry pls

(Adam Harwood) #22

I don’t know where the idea has come from that I can carry you prio?

(Sam Hather) #23

He was obviously talking to me

(Sam Connolly) #24

I’m still on the hunt for anyone in the world who can carry me

(Sam Hather) #25

Hacks or no hacks ey?

(Peter Woodberry) #26

Tbh without seeing a demo its not exactly concrete proof. It is quite likely he was though! :joy:

(Sam Connolly) #27

Maybe you just found the 1 true militia master

(Lethal) #28

I checked, he was clearly at it, we pushed him too much as T to force him to aimbot and wh. I just gave up in the 2nd half since it was so obvious