MANBAT ESEA Season 24 (Update thread)

(Peter Woodberry) #1


Decided to make a separate thread for my team so Gav and the boys can put all of their games in the other thread so things don’t get confusing.

A brief bit about the team MANBAT, originally the team was a CSS team involving two of the current players in lots of iterations playing in ESL and Enemy Down leagues but has since been revived in CS:GO again with those two players plus myself and various iterations of 4th and 5th players with so far mixed results.

The current roster is:


Our aim for season 24 is to ultimately qualify from Open and either be promoted to Intermediate (5th-16th) or Main (1st-4th). We’re aiming for Main as we feel this current roster has the most stability we’ve had so far and the highest ceiling.

I’ll be recording and uploading my POV demos that ESEA records and I can probably grab a specific players POV on request.

(Peter Woodberry) #2

League Schedule/Results

Week 1 - de_nuke

29/01/2017 7:30PM - MANBAT 16 - 6 Anarchy of Evil GG - Match Link

POV VOD (Mania)

30/01/2017 9:00PM - MANBAT 16 - 3 Carlos Danger - Match Link

Week 2 - de_dust2

07/02/2017 9:00PM - MANBAT 16-9 Memes eSports

09/02/2017 8:00PM - MANBAT 19-16 Monarchy CSGO

Week 3 - de_cache

15/02/2017 8:30PM - MANBAT 16-4 TacticalReset

19/02/2017 7:30PM - MANBAT vs Opus Green

Week 4 - de_cbble

22/02/2017 8:30PM - MANBAT vs PerilousFURY
TBC - MANBAT vs LiveFrag

Week 5 - de_mirage

Fixtures TBA

Week 6 - de_train

Fixtures TBA

Week 7 de_overpass

Fixtures TBA

Week 8 - de_nuke/de_inferno

Fixtures TBA

(Peter Woodberry) #3

We have our first match of week 2 against Memes eSports on Tuesday 7th Feb @ 9PM GMT.

I will update this post with GOTV info when it becomes live.

(Peter Woodberry) #4

I may have forgotten the GOTV IP but never mind!

We won 16-9 vs Memes eSports bit of a slow start but once we got going it was fairly straight forward. I got a nice 5K against an eco which is always nice!

Next game is Thursday at 8PM GMT vs Monarchy CSGO but we’ve already turned our attention to Cache as most of our D2 stuff is on the fly anyway.

(Gavin Rainey) #5

A few of us spent about an hour going through the teamlists last night dude and off the dome there are teams like:

Vega Squadron
Frozens team
x6tence (Spanish team)
and more teams who are on HLTV.

The team that frankly manhandled our guys on nuke game one have lost 2 or 3 on the bounce now too.

I think you will only suffer a few losses in UK open this season and will definitely qualify. If your team say the EU open is around the same skill you need to be challenging them.

That being said we all support you in it and keep winning!

(Peter Woodberry) #6

Yeah I agree there’d definitely more quality teams in the EU Open and I’d have much rather been in there but seeing as its inters or bust for this lineup I’m glad we’ve got a good shot at it this season.

I have no doubts over us qualifying this season as long as we keep up the level of practice we’ve been putting in since the start of the new year.

(Peter Woodberry) #7

About to go LIVE vs Monarchy CSGO on de_dust2


(Peter Woodberry) #8

Won in overtime 19-16, we probably didn’t deserve to win this because we were shocking. Worst I’ve played individually in a long time as well.

(Peter Woodberry) #9

Won our first Cache game 16-4 against TacticalReset, we executed our T side stuff really well and were just on point in general which is really encouraging going into cbble!

Our next game is Cache on Sunday against Opus Green!

(Lethal) #10

You had a naughty game their Pete fuck me.

(Peter Woodberry) #11

2nd cache game tonight vs Opus Green at 7:30, gunning for that 6-0 record!

GOTV available here

(Peter Woodberry) #12

Sorry for the delayed update to that Cache game but there was a big dispute following the match due to one of the Opus players (LegitDawg) having multiple accounts in the game of which one (Legitv2) was being used by either a top UK player or a cheater (we suspect the later the demo is very suspicious)

Here is the match page/stats

As you can see LegitDawg went 7-23 despite them winning 16-13 however his “alt” account went 37-17 after watching numerous demos of LegitDawg and ones of his “alt” we came to the conclusion that it 100% wasn’t him and the ESEA admins agreed so they overturned the game.

We play PerilousFURY tonight on Cbble at 8:30 hoping to keep our 100% record in tact!

(Peter Woodberry) #13

Got smashed pretty hard by Perilous 16-5, our T side got exposed hard. Lots to fix for our next game on Tuesday :muscle:

Personally I always feel super motivated after a game like that, stops me getting carried away because we keep winning.

Also no stats because ESEA went down mid game last night.

(Peter Woodberry) #14

Turns out the guy playing on that Legitv2 account was a guy called Mooney who’s team we’ve drawn on Train, except hes banned until the 23rd of March for account sharing. Can’t wait to lay his team out while he probably tries to evade his ban.

(Gavin Rainey) #15

when you playign again?

(Peter Woodberry) #16

Second mirage game is Sunday at 7PM, we’ve hit a real slump recently but we’re trying to play our way out of it. I’ve been in a massive one individually as well. Hopefully we can shake it in time for Sunday because we’re throwing this season away else.

(Ben ) #17

If you need any mirage guidance you may approach me @Easy @Prio @Frosty or Jim and we will show you the path of richeousness :slight_smile:

(Adam Harwood) #18

Let’s just hope they don’t ask you for tips on holding connector… :wink:

(Ben ) #19

I dont keep my victims locked up in connector :slight_smile:

(Peter Woodberry) #20

Won 16-9 vs Verve! Felt really good today, one of my best individual performances in my life.

Smashed that slump out of the park! Can’t wait for Train next!