Interview with Gamescom finalist Lethal

(Richard Bowman) #1

Hello SSRCG,

I managed to get a hold of UK Halo player Lethal, who was part of the VwS line up which came second at Gamescom in Germnay. He talks to us about what Halo 2 Anniversary plays like and how it comapres to the orginal version. I also asked him some of the community questions, featuring questions from Beyond, and SSRCG. And yes, I ask him who is better, UK Lethal or USA Lethal. Enjoy!

(Gaskin) #2

Hello Harry

(Luka) #3

would be nice if u timestamped the questions so i didnt have to watch the whole thing to see if u asked “ass or titties”

(Richard Bowman) #4

Ha Im sorry about that, thats something I will keep in mind for the next interview.

(Dean) #5

You linked the playlist, now it’s some montage video.

(Richard Bowman) #6

Sorry about that, not sure why that happened. Fixed now.