Ice Hockey

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I decided since we have a football thread we need one of these too!
Probably bad timing as the seasons are all about ended now but what the heck.


Haha saw that the other day, that game was intense 3rd overtime with like 4 pings off the post for the Ducks. Game 3… bah lol…


With both Eastern and Western going into game 7, Rangers - Lightning at MSG and 'Hawks - Ducks at Honda Center the pressure is on.

What’s your prediction here? Personally i think Rangers will take Tampa, however i really have no clue on how 'Hawks will do. The series has been way too close to call, i’m hoping for a huge win here for us and our record despite being 1-2 at Honda Center this series isn’t too bad especially with the tight games. Come on Blackhawks - Rangers final \o/

Han keeps reminding me they had a game worn shirt from 'Hawks that they gave the Steelers after doing a shirt swap over there… Not happy haha.

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Always good to see Boston lose, but that was awesome.

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I’m a Devils fan and therefore do not like to talk about it.