How to Improve on CS GO (Roughly Silver 1 - Master Guardian 1)

(C**t ) #1

So you’ve gone through all your settings and features and
you’ve played a few games be it DM or MM, and you want to improve to get that
MG1 or 4 star nova, here is some thoughts and experiences on how to get that
rank faster, while setting yourself in good stead in getting even further.

At these levels the amount of advanced tactics and game
sense you know and have won’t really help you if you are going in solo so it’s
more down to individual aim, good movement and a basic knowledge of the
monetary system. Thinking about this as the basic things doesn’t make this less
important, it’s the opposite, as all top players are really good at the basics,
this is what makes them better that their movement is immense (f0rest) or their
aim is above the rest (shoxie).



Most people play DM to improve and some say it doesn’t help
them improve, but most pro’s especially the ones in the Top 8 DM 2-4 hours a
day, the thing you have to understand from this is this isn’t purely to improve
their muscle memory and the purposes you will need to use it for at first will
not entail all the same things as them.

So with this there are a few things you need to practice in
DM and you also need to know where to find the best DM’s, firstly no one good
plays valve DM’s understand that, 64 tick, horrible choke and variance pinion
white label are just abysmal. So most people use the server browser on the main
menu, from experience the best 2 DM providers are: Titan and BrutalCS, both
128tick and offer FFA and headshot only DM.

Play>Browse Community Servers>Internet (at the top)
and type in brutalcs and refresh

For the Titan servers do the same but type in dm and sort by
latency and it should be in the listings.

Once you are in you’ll be able to select your weapons by
using the number keys and you can change your gun by typing ‘guns’ in either

The 3 main things to concentrate on when on the server are:

Don’t spray your shots, at the level you are at
spraying is something that will come with time and because the people you will
be playing against most likely won’t play in ‘a see a player drop and spray’
method so it will not work effectively against people who just hold mouse 1 and
w with the P90, though if you want to spray the first 9 bullets of the M4 or AK
go in a perfect down spray so use this for the time being. With the M4 stick to
3 bullet sprays mid-range and 2 at long range using A side on D2 the wall which
you peak site with near Long doors to Elevator is mid-range any further than
that is long range. For the AK use only 2 bullet taps at mid-range and 1 taps
at long range in a 1-1-1 sort of method.

Always think where your crosshair is as this is
the most important thing in the game when it comes to shooting and aiming you
place your crosshair at head height and on the wall your about to go round and
then when you are about to go round it you move it with yourself to the next
wall, this come with time and map knowledge but the first part does not as you
can aim at head height and you can see the wall in front of you.

Work on your strafe and don’t shoot while
moving, when you are strafing there are 2 methods to shooting effectively one
is where you lock both the A and D key at the same time to come to a stop and then
fire the other is in between the gap of pressing the opposite key you shoot.
The first is more favourable for newer players because the movement in CS:GO is
very ‘glidey’ so it doesn’t exactly work as you would expect. With movement
there is also peaking which is where you peak out looking from the exposed side
to the hidden side without using walk so you gain your peaker’s advantage. This
is done with the same method as peaking but it is paired with your crosshair
placement, when doing so don’t just look straight away around the corner you
work your way round so you don’t just show yourself to multiple players around
the corner that are in different places thus allowing you to take it as a set
of 1v1’s rather than a 1v3 or 1v4 etc.

Depending on your particular commitments I would personally
do this more than Classic Competitive (CC) if I was in silver as this is a key set of mechanics you
will need to advance.


The Economy

I’m under the assumption that you are playing De maps and
are playing only the main maps in rotation, so with this going into the pistol
you can really buy what you want as at this level there will not be any majorly
coordinated pushed with smokes and flashes so armour and P250 buys work either

This is where the knowledge of the monetary system comes in,

CT side: if you lose pistol eco the next 2 rounds.

T side: lose pistol without bomb plant, eco the next 2
rounds, lose pistol with a bomb plant eco 1 round.

If you lose pistol on T and don’t plant, then try to plant
the bomb to be able to buy in the next round.

If you lose pistol you can buy pistol and head armour, as
this is a current Meta but you have to buy nothing till round 4, (so spent no
money round 3).

If someone is AFK, knife them, a knife kill is worth $1500
so it makes a massive difference to your money.

Regarding knowing when to buy and when not to, use TAB and
look at the start of every round and if your team cannot afford full armour and
a rifle do not buy(CT $4100, T $3700) and if 3 people buy on your team then buy
with them to give yourself a better chance of winning.

The way the game works if you are losing, is you get a loss
bonus for consecutive round losses, with a maximum to 5 round losses at $3400.

Round Loss






With a bomb plant adding $800 to the T-side.

In Summary

Always buy with your team.

Only buy if you can afford a rifle and head

Don’t be the first to buy.

Think about how much money you will have after
losing consecutive rounds.

If you lose pistol don’t buy and just try to
plant the bomb.

You can buy after losing pistol if you buy
nothing in the next round so you have roughly $4300.

Knife kills are worth $1500 so if someone is
AFK, knife them especially on pistol where it is most likely to happen.

How to play CC

In the higher ranks of the ones mentioned people will (or
should) type the site they are playing on, and they play that site the entire
game unless they communicate with a play on another site to switch. Currently
there a few different CT setups on the main 6 maps in MM, just so you have a
vague idea:


2B, 3A (1 Pit, 1 Quad, 1 Arch)


1 Yard, 2 A, 2Ramp


1 yard, 3A, 1Ramp


2 B, 3A


1B, 4A


2B, 1Mid (window), 2A


2 B, 2A, 1Mid


1B, 3A, 1Mid/B


2B, 1Mid, 2A


1B, 2Mid, 2A

Once the first round starts check the radar to see that
people are going to the correct sites and be the bigger person and go to the
ones that need a player.

Using Nades

The order you buy nades: Smoke>Flashes>Molotov’s/HE.

I’ll go into this more in depth in a higher skill guide, but
on CT use your smokes to block the main entrance to sites, use flashbangs to
peak out and check, use Molotov’s to cripple rushes and segment players on 5
man rushes. For me frags are useless, Molotov’s> HE Grenades.

On T side, use smokes to block sides of site so rotating
CT’s cannot see you when you take sites E.g CT on B site Inferno.

General Things

Walk everywhere you can, most good players play off sound
and CS is an information based game.

Don’t ever be first in with the bomb, or even second, as, if
a site take fails your teammates still have a chance to win the round.

If you have to force buy and you are CT, only buy armour no
helmet, as the AK is a 1 hit headshot with head armour.

If you stop watching a spot, call it out to your teammate as

Call all your flashes and smokes, so you don’t double smoke

Don’t throw Molotov’s into smoke, the fire gets put out.

Don’t push through smoke, it’s massively broken at this time
and you will get punished.

Smokes as a rule of thumb take about 15 seconds to dissipate
so on CT side get your next smoke ready using the in game clock as a timer.

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Keep these coming mate, great reads!

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Great work, very concise

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Been waiting a while to post these, so need to make one for higher ranks, which probably wont be done till after LAN, as I’ve got work to do in the mean time, though i do intend to start soon.

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Excellent, I’ll look forward to it. Ive gone up and down from mg2 to dmg to mge over and over again but cant seem to get past DMG at all in soloq, i hate having to wait for other people to be able to play but i can’t see any other way of getting past it…

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