Heroes General Thread

(Dean) #163

I’ll more than happily play some with ya. @Brew_Drinker plays loads as well.

(Luke) #164

Aye @Frosty, @Noodle is right I’m on HoS pretty frequently.
If your on SSRCG discord you can find me playing on the
“Brewjew’s Of The Storm” voice channel with my other half.

Playing near enough every night, especially with this
FOR AZEROTH event on.

My Battlenet name is BrewGamer#2776

Send nudes. I mean add me.

(Luke) #165

You can get upto twenty Heroes for simply logging onto HoS between 27/04/2017 to 22/05/2017.

The Heroes 2.0 update basically gives Heroes the same loot set up as Overwatch whilst
still keeping the daily quests Pretty decent over all. Only thing bad thing about he the
update is that master skins can be bought by anyone, even players who have never
even played the character. So master skins are no longer a thing really.

On the plus side the new Overwatch map is decent and Dva will be a playable charger soon.

(Matt) #166

Necroing a thread here but does anyone fancy sweating it this season? I need more friends that play this.

(Dean) #167

@Roozle will get you to master. I’d love to jump in as well when I’m around.

(Liam Dakin) #168

I’ll be playing as soon as perf based MM is back in, would love to play TL as a 3 or 5 (Waiting times as a 2 are completely dumb) feel free to hit me up if your ever on I’ll play with anyone apart from @Noodle

(Dean) #169

Good, my back hurts from carrying you

(Luke) #170

Put some suggestions on Blizzard forum about:

  • Hiding skins barr from the default ones
  • Having opt in team chat

Please feel free to head over to the forums and trigger some
people so it gets some attention.

@Roozle I’m always up for hero league, support all the way. Loving Ana atm.