Heroes General Thread

(Sam Hather) #123

They don’t have the natural charm, charisma and allure that I have though, why do you think i’m the captain?

But yeah hahaha, she terrifies me,

Doing work tho

(Xenoscythe) #124

You are a glorious man. Also she was actually pretty good haha.

I’ll play quite a bit past today, i’m still dieing form lanflu atm so just trying to sleep lots.

(Sam Hather) #125

When is best to play everyone? decided I wanna start butt fucking this shit

(Dean) #126

I’ll be back on after this weekend. Still doing shitty 3-10 shifts for another 4 weeks I think. After that I’ll be around daily most likely.

(Ryan Roberts) #127

I generally play a couple of games from 7/8 onwards most days.

(Sam Hather) #128

They’re removing talent gating… Time to win iseries @Noodle

(Van Slab) #129


(Dean) #130

It’s what happens when you don’t announce a tournament until the event is sold out.

(Scott) #131

might play a few games today. add scott#2582 if you wanna play.

edit: i’m actually quite enjoying this (although the only hero i’ll ever play is valla), so someone add me pls.

(Sam Hather) #132

Not talent gated anymore :o

(Sam Hather) #133

Is Nazeebo sick? or am I just sick.

Quick match too ez :frowning: had over 120k damage 3 games in a row

(Dean) #134

@roozle spends his life playing him, he can sum it up for you.

(Liam Dakin) #135

Nazeebro has a metric ton of free damage, the problem is it’s in many increments of small damage that you can’t control, you can get 120k every game without netting a single kill, the finesse comes from positioning your spells so that they actually target the right enemies :smiley: There are also talents, like specialized toxin, that increase your damage by a massive amount, but are actually pretty useless in practice. Always available to talk about my bro!

(Dean) #136

Took far too long.

(Sam Hather) #137

Sitting at level 20 now… kinda bored of quick play :frowning:

(Dean) #138

Grab a stim pack and hit 30 for ranked. I’d recommend looking up heroes and comps though. You’d need to know a decent amount of heroes and what they do. I have a second account at 28 so can do ranked with you.

(Sam Hather) #139

I can’t put in enough time to make a stimpack worth atm. Got too much on, just play a few games every couple of days nowadays. and Yeah i’ve played as or against most heroes now and looked at all their talent trees so i’m pretty knowledgeable



(Sam Hather) #140

Lads… http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/19994382

(Xenoscythe) #141

I hear HOTS is a ded game

(Sam Hather) #142

Hhaha ahahaha fuck smite. Why play smite when you can play a real game?