Heroes General Thread

(Dean) #103

We did have some very shit and messy games the other day i must say.I mean in both games we had AFK’ers lol

(Xenoscythe) #104

The unfortunate problem with quick match for beginners - though its the same in all mobas, people just up and leave when they want because they don’t understand!

Bought murky today, I’m absolutely awful at doing hero damage with him but I’ve got this base pressure and exp business down :stuck_out_tongue:

He seems stupid op for pushing :smiley:

(Spankpaddle) #105

Just remember every game I am not playing a support class I am learning as I go or making it all up. In time.

(Dean) #106

Found a video that perfectly sums up @bubba awareness.

(Sam Hather) #107

Got a mount for being an autistic fuck. Nice

(Ryan Roberts) #108

I’m zFury#2987 if anyone wants to run some games.

(Xenoscythe) #109

Happy to play quick match with anyone providing you don’t mind Abathur, Murky or Sylvanas :smiley:


(Josh) #110

Started to play a bit of this again last night. I haven’t really played since Sylvanas was added, the butcher seems pretty strong when on the receiving end and Leoric seems quite cool, I only played a few games as him though.

My id is: Freebird#2491

(Spankpaddle) #111


I dont give a fuck about skill, I just enjoy the XP boost. I don’t mind helping anyone learn or get into the game a bit more.

Oh…I play mostly support so you kind of have that going for you.

(Ryan Roberts) #112

Added Y’all. I’m spending most me evenings watching TI at the moment… but I should be around if anyone wants to run a couple of games.

(Josh) #113

Think a lot of LoL kids have started playing. There is a lot of rage from awful players in ranked.

(Fatmanp) #114

Battlenet id is : Fatmanp

I want to start playing this a bit going forward.

(Dean) #115

I’ll be playing this a lot at iSeries, so if anyone wants to get involved let me know. I’ll start organising some customs going forward to help people get into it.

Noodle#2216 - Add me on that and I’ll update the thread later.

(Ryan Roberts) #116

I’ll add you later, my Butcher is filthy.

(Sam Hather) #117

I’ll get involved

(Sam Hather) #118

I’m in the same boat as Scott, played a few games and just couldn’t get into it at all

Still on the fourth best team in the UK though.


(Sam Hather) #119

So… when do people play?

(Ryan Roberts) #120

I tend to play one / two games an evening like 8pm onwards.

(Sam Hather) #121

Currently poaching us a #1 UK player @Noodle @Systemkaos

(Spankpaddle) #122

I dunno man she has a team of 4 dudes already and they are winners.

Also her eyes remind me of the sun glasses Edgar Davids used to wear. It freaks me out