Heroes General Thread

(Scott) #62

are there any characters like vayne where movement and autos are all you need to kill people? i know literally nothing about this game

(Dean) #63

Valla is very similar to Vayne in that sense. Also one of the cheaper heroes to buy and one of the better heroes as well. Very few heroes are auto attack only though, abilities play a big part of every hero.

(Scott) #64

alright, i’m downloading it now. any other heroes similar to adc’s?

(Xenoscythe) #65

Raynor, is auto attack based and a good range, has a heal when he gets low hp an attack speed steroid for self and allies and a knockback/finisher.

Valla(basically the demon hunter from diablo 3) , has 3 different build paths, ultra auto attack based, single target spell based or aoe spell caster based. I personally go the aoe purely because theres lots of teamfighting in this game! she has a single target bouncing spell, an aoe multishot and a vault which is basically Vaynes dash but better.

Falstad, doesnt have a mount but can press his mount button to fly anywhere on the battlefield almost instantly. Hes more of a spell based ADC because his spells do crazy damage but his auto attacks arent too shabby either, think of him as a hybrid between lux and an adc. He has the big powerful beam cannon ult, a boomerang hammer which slows and dmgs, a lightning attack that damages enemies when youre near them and a long dash and shield on his E.

Tychus and Nova are also available but theyre not like conventional ADC’s at all. And theres also Sgt Hammer and Tyrande which you could class kind of the same but again they’re a bit strange.

(Scott) #66

how long will it take me to unlock valla?

(Dean) #67

Valla is like 2k gold, it literally will take hardly anytime at all especially that blizzard now give you more extra gold as you level up.

(Spankpaddle) #68

If you own Diablo3 you get her free

(Ryan Roberts) #69

I play mainly as Tychus, Zeratul and Abathur.

Anyone up for same games?

(Scott) #70

played a game vs ai. pretty fun, game is quite smooth but not lol level smooth but no game will ever be. got 1.2k gold after that first game so shouldnt take long to get the hero i want.

edit: 1.2k gold for 1st ai game…10 gold for the second. what’s up with that.

(Xenoscythe) #71

Gold from the games themselves is pretty low without a stimpack, but you get chunks of gold from the daily quests and from levelling characters & yourself.

(Scott) #72

anyone wanna play with me? still doing bot games atm but will do a real game with someone from here

(Dean) #73

Scott give me your battle net id and i can play a few games with ya if you want.

(Scott) #74

i think it’s Scott#2582

(Scott) #75

me and ruff are playing, join us bitches

(Dean) #76

If you pre-ordered Reaper of Souls, not if you own D3.

(Spankpaddle) #77

Bah I was close.

(Josh) #78

As if people are starting to play this now, or again should I say.

I was planning on checking out the butcher and the new map at some point.

(Scott) #79

nah i tried it but don’t like it. i don’t like how items are replaced by the skill/perk path. seems like there’s too much emphasis on team play and pretty much zero individual skill or scaling involved. that’s not a bad thing by any means, just not my style.

(Spankpaddle) #80

You’re right a team based game has to much team work… Blizzard has also said, their emphasis is on team play and team objectives. They have designed the game to punish solo mentality and play.

Also, when you’re level 7 and they are level 10 please tell me how there is no scaling. Horizontal scaling is different from vertical scaling so which do you mean?

I just think you have the wrong perceptions of the game and that looks like they were generated from a couple of games. Its also a common theme for previous MOBA players to bring in their MOBA’s characteristics when playing something in the same Genre. It would be like complaining about the MCOM mechanics in BF4 vs the Planting in a site mechancis in CS:GO, the only similarity these games have is the FPS label.

I implore you to check out the game again and actually do it with a neutral mentality. Hots has a weird habit of growing on people.

(Xenoscythe) #81

He meant individual scaling and snowballing i believe, which is correct; being a team orientated game you progress as a team although individual efforts can make a surprising difference.

As an example see the picture - now you may think well the damage is low, the healing is low - but with 22k xp contribution i kept our team in it level wise, without using the big garden terror as sylvanas took it everytime, which allowed us to win the big teamfights due to scaling via levels instead and eventually win the game even with the illidan who was a waste of a character slot!

If you come from a Dota or LoL background like i did, it can be hard to get into at first due to the seemingly simplistic approach Blizzard have taken, but I assure you it gets better when you realise there’s no more last hitting, no more dealing with that snowballing fizz and more fighting and objective control (Multiple baron fights, wooo!) . Games are also a heck of a lot shorter which certainly beats losing 70 minute LoL games and feeling pissed the rest of the day!

Then again I’m biased because I’m a fedora wearing blizzard tshirt fanboy on the internet.