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In the first part you say that it will have no effect on the genre, while in the second you say that Hearthstone, even while being a worse game than Magic, had a massive effect. I think it will have an effect, just like how Hearthstone did, again based for the reasons you say. However I think it will have an effect due to being a different kind of game to play that typical Dota clones. Personally I didn’t play much Magic however, aside from a few games with pre-built decks. My worry is that it becomes “too popular”, as I don’t want the CoD effect to take place in the moba scene. It’s just nice to see someone breaking the mold, just like they did with Smite and Infinite Crisis.

@Luka - That patch change is rather interesting, how did it work out for the game? I didn’t play a great deal of the game, because I just felt like the movement was pretty sluggish. People kept telling me that turn speed was important for the game, which I don’t deny, I just didn’t like it. Same as in CS, inability to aim while moving is for the best, I just don’t like it still.

I knew of the 10% gold lead means 80% win chance stat, but I didn’t know it was that big a difference from Dota. Do you have any vods of good Dota games where teams made comebacks? I’d like to watch some of that if possible.

I also agree with the second image on the innovative design. Most of the new LoL champions got so dull and boring. Even in my short amount of time playing Dota, I loved some of the hero designs. They seem to put far more interesting mechanics in to the game, even though I cried when I randomed Meepo in like my 4th game haha.

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it was fucking hilarious, every game would have these massive 5-15k gold swings after team fights and the mid game almost completely disappeared, you could literally pick 5 carries and have a better chance at winning than your opponents because a kill on someone who has a streak or a large amount of farm basically gave you 2 whole items. it was toned down a lot over 6.82b and 6.82c but the “comeback mechanic” still exists.

turn rate is a “necessary evil” in dota, it’s mostly there to make sure that ranged heroes aren’t totally imbalanced and i can see why it’s annoying for newer players. a lot of my friends that switched from league to dota found it easier to get adjusted to it by playing heroes with low turn rates like bristleback, slark, sf etc ( http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Turn_rate ). i made an epic long post about it here somewhere before that explains turn rate and reasons why it’s good/bad, i’ll try and find it.

comebacks happen very frequently which is why i love to watch competitive, so i’ll give you a couple of examples. the most famous of which is probably “the play” from TI2. the reason this one is extra significant is because na`vi were the winners of TI1 and at this point of the tournament in TI2, were the last remaining western team amongst a mass of asian teams and eventually they made it to the finals. here’s a small clip -

another that springs to mind is game 3 of navi vs tongfu (winner bracket finals from ti3). i won’t spoil it, but if you like comebacks you’ll love this game.

more recently EG and alliance had an incredible best of 3 at ESL new york, and if you get the time to watch them, i would highly recommend it, especially game 2. if you have the time to watch them then i certainly would, easily the best set of 2014 so far.

edit: also ti3 grand finals, game 5

eg vs alliance, starladder

dota has tons of great comeback games, so it’s impossible to list all of them, but these are just a couple of examples, if i think of any more famous/essential ones i’ll edit the post.

edit: http://forum.ssrcg.com/t/dota-or-lol/526/46?u=luka

link to the thread where there was a similar discussion

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Ok trying to move away from the everlasting Dota vs LoL debate…

I just got access to HotS last week so I had a few games at the weekend.

So far I actually enjoy it, it’s a bit different to LoL and I’ve never played Dota so can’t compare it to that.

Like has already been mentioned, there is no farming apart except for exp, I found it interesting that the whole team levels up at the same time too, although in the games that I played most of the time the teams were at an equal level, or 1 team was only 1 level ahead.

I found the lack of items strange at first, and instead of ranking up skills you assign a talent each level to make specific skills better/different.

I haven’t had much chance to play many champions yet, so I can’t comment much on that. Obviously there are some that feel stronger than others, but that should all be fixed with the balancing.

Again another thing that has been previously mentioned is the snowballing in this game. I found that each game was decided pretty quickly by the team that got ahead in the objectives, with little or no chance to pull it back once you were behind, which was a little frustrating if you were on the losing team.

Overall I thought it was fun and it was nice to play something different to LoL. Will it be as big as LoL and Dota, or is it a completely different audience? To be honest I don’t think it will be as big, but watch this space as I will probably end up eating my words.

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You have to remember that it’s Blizzard behind the game. The marketing will be next level, so the game is likely to explode.

We will be on later tonight if you want to jump on for a few games. Always up for playing with others.

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Is there anyway to get an invite to this other than your beta preferences on Battle net?

I done that back in Alpha but haven’t heard anything.

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If you know anyone that was max rank before October 1st (I think it was October 1st) then they have like 20 invites or something stupid.

(Dean) #27

People who hit 20 before November 19th had a chance to get their entire friends list invited. I didn’t qualify for it, but most of my list are slowly getting invited.

We play the game daily now, entering tournaments and stuff already.

(Sam Hather) #28

I guess I was kind of close with what I said… lol

I’ll play some with you sometime, maybe I just didn’t enjoy it because I was playing alone? god knows.

(Anthony) #29

Is this open beta now? Or have I been selected without getting an email?

(Matt) #30

It’s closed still, selected without an email or Blizzard are trolling you.

(Dean) #31

You’ll get the email in a few days Ant. It’s usually later than your actual access.

(Matt) #32

So now I have to hit 40…

That emblem is sweet as fuck.


Yes, yes it does. Dayum! Well I’m half way through 29 atm - got just over 2 weeks to do this… Hmmmms.

(Matt) #34

Yeh, can be done I think. Thanks for the screenshot, was going to do it when I got on my pc.

I’m so happy with the Candy king Muradin skin, I think hes my favourite hero atm

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Got myself a nice tidy logo I see. Also we are playing a tournament on Sunday (Me, Xeno, Roo, Nath and Nyu). If people are up for it we can run some 10 man’s after. We will split up and help the new comers out.


I’ll be online for about 9pm - stupid work =(

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I’ll be about

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I have the game too. Tend to mostly just play support, lili, malf, and tas.


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You got EU or NA access? Just any btag that starts with #1 is usually an NA tag.

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My battle.net account reflects me. Was made in the UK, got my b.net number while in the states playing SC2.

My heroes account is EU though