Help buying a PC

(Fatmanp) #21

A good quality Power Supply is a must when building something that is going to be worth upwards of £1000. Evga are a fantastic brand for all products including Power Supply in particular their Supernova editions.

(Sam Connolly) #22

Yeah I’ve got to agree, it’s the think that will basically control if the rest of your components live or die if shit hits the fan. I went with a Corsair HX750i and I’d also recommend Corsair, the PSU has seemed fantastic to me and has had fairly decent reviews. However, I guess you’d never find out you’ve got a bad PSU until it’s too late

(Adam Mackenzie) #23

I think this is what I’m going to be going for, got a few days to change things about until I get paid anyway.

(C**t ) #24

So you’ve decided to build your own in the end? I would still recommend this . Either way if you have any issues when you build it don’t hesitate to post as I’m sure the people in this thread will help if there is anything you’re unsure about.

(C**t ) #25

I think I’ll always buy corsair PSU’s given their quality and their crazily long warranties, like EVGA they have really good customer support and seem to care about the quality of their products.

(Sam Connolly) #26

I would stick the EVGA PSU out of sith’s link in your build, EVGA are more renowned and as he said, better customer support if something does go wrong. Also the difference in price between the two pc’s, for £200 his is one hell of a performance upgrade, but what you linked is still an insanely monstrous machine :slight_smile:

(Adam Mackenzie) #27

Yeah, gonna give it a go building it myself - can’t be that hard. Looking at your build there is there much reason for me to go for the 1080 if I’m not going to be gaming in 4k?

(C**t ) #28

Yeah, some games at 1080p Ultra wont run at 60 FPS on a 1070, also using a 1080 allows you to use heavier types of AA that usually tank fps on other cards. In games like CS or Overwatch it allows you to get a constant 144FPS at 1080p Ultra, so in the future if you were looking into getting a 144Hz monitor you’ve got a card that can consistently run games at that FPS that are demanding, even games that aren’t competitive. Eventhen if you don’t want a 1080p 144Hz monitor, but something like a 1440p or 4K monitor you’ve got a card that’s capable of it on its own.

(Adam Mackenzie) #29

Thanks! Most likely will go with your build, will leave me good for some time hopefully :smiley:

I’ll let you guys know how I get on :slight_smile:

(DayC) #30

A tier list of PSUs which is updated a few times per year, last changed in June. Just in case you wanted a more categorical list.

I tend to also go with Corsair but you do get more bang for buck from EVGA. Entirely depends on what budget you’re tied to.

(C**t ) #31

Tagging on to this using something like Jonnyguru ( ) too is good if you want a more in depth run down of why the PSUs listed are where they are in that list.

(DayC) #32

Getting a 403 on that url mate same for you? :confused:

(C**t ) #33

I am now, really strange, If I use google it works perfectly fine.

(Gavin Rainey) #34

its not been set up for www.