Help buying a PC

(Adam Mackenzie) #1

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m looking to bite the bullet and buy a desktop pc. I don’t really know where to start, my budget is up to £1k. Peripheral wise I’m okay I think, only thing I need there is a good keyboard.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!

(Sam Connolly) #2

Want/Need a new monitor?

Also what kind of games do you like to play?

Also, you in any rush? NVidias Pascal (3rd quarter 2016) and AMD’s Polaris (Mid 2016) GPU’s coming out this year, even if you don’t buy one of those, other graphics card prices will most likely take a hefty price drop

(Adam Mackenzie) #3

I have this monitor right now

Will probably suffice until payday next month so when I can upgrade to a dual monitor setup.

I’m into my CS right now, any sort of triple A titles i usually have got on my Xbox due to no pc.

Not in a huge rush at all tbh, if the price drop will be as big as you say I might just wait for a few months.

(...) #4

^^ that. I bit the bullet and bought a new CPU even though AMD are bringing out their new line, but an upgrade was needed.

What games are you playing and what are your goals? do you want to play GTA V in ultra mode with stable 60+fps, or do you mainly play CS and want a stable 160 FPS to match your 144hz monitor? The rig needed to do either of those could be very different.

(Adam Mackenzie) #5

I would like to be able to play CS and get stable 160fps yeh, not all fussed about being able to play new games on ultra high gfx settings

(Sam Connolly) #6

should be easy getting about 250 stable fps on cs with that kinda budget at 1080p.

Really your call buddy, if you want me to bang up a build now for you I can, or I can get back to you when the new GPU’s are out. As I said earlier, I advise waiting, but as far as I’m aware there’s no absolute date set on release of polaris / pascal. But some things in life are worth waiting for :stuck_out_tongue:

(Adam Mackenzie) #7

I think the sensible thing in this situation is just to wait it out, thanks for the advice :smiley:

(Sam Connolly) #8

That monitor is 60hz not 144hz just a note for when we come back to this thread in the future.

(DayC) #9

Pascal and Polaris will cause current price drops but from what I understand the performance increase and power consumption of the new cards will vastly outclass current cards. Rumors circulating that AMD’s low - mid range cards are putting up 980Ti numbers on half the power consumption.

Only time will tell though.

(Sam Connolly) #10

GTX 1080 (from Nvidias Pascal range) to be released at the end of the month (May 27th). Estimated to be $600, so I’d guess £600 too. Claims are being made of better performance from a single 1080 than to GTX 980ti’s in SLI. While the 1080 is probably out of your budget, I predict a big oildrop in prices of other graphics cards. I’m going to keep an eye on eBay for people selling a GTX 970 so I can SLI. If you want a cheap good graphics card itd be a good idea to do this too. I paid £250 ish for my 970 new, so it’ll be interesting to see how cheap I can get one second hand, would allow for a huge budget for the rest of the components in your PC as well if you do this. But of course, you run the risk of no warranty

(Sam Hather) #11

Pretty sure it performs almost like twice as well.

The new architecture seems insane.

Personally gonna buy a 1070 I reckon… fucking so cheap.

(Sam Connolly) #12

It’s looking like twice as well on power efficiency from what I’ve seen, but honestly haven’t looked into it an awful lot as only have my phone with me. Will do more research when i have my desktop at home

(DayC) #13

@Easy a 1080 fits in our case too.

(C**t ) #14

Id be waiting for independent benchmarks before I fully make up my mind, a lot of people saying their relative performance metric inflates values at VR but less so in regular gaming.

(Adam Mackenzie) #15

Hey, thought I’d bump this after having a think with the new graphics cards releases. My budget is £1000 - £1500, ideally wanting to spend less as I need to buy a keyboard too.

Cobbled together this build, not massively confident on what I’m doing so I’d appreciate a second opinion.



(Fatmanp) #16


That link isn’t working but here are a few questions;

Does your budget include a monitor, keyboard and mouse?
What resolution will you be playing at?
Do you intend to game above 60fps?

If you intend to do 1080p above 60 fps and want a machine to last around 3-4 years with good performance then something like this could do you - That monitor is the one I have and I have nothing but praise for it.

If you already have your monitor set you have an extra £300 budget to play with. With that you could get a better CPU cooler, a bigger case, more storage and more memory.

(C**t ) #17

For that budget you should be looking at a GTX 1080 and a 6700k, that build is a little over the £1500 though if you already have an OS you can save there or you simply could just get a cheap air cooler (212 EVO), case is all preference so that just a standard case most cases wont be much more or less, I honestly wouldn’t go prebuilt you get so much less for your money, also learning to build a PC is a skill and if anything goes wrong in the future you know what everything is and how to sort things out.

(Adam Mackenzie) #18

Budget doesn’t include a monitor or a mouse, I have a mouse right now and a monitor that will last me until next pay day. Just a keyboard I need to include in the budget.

Intending to play 1920x1080 and wanting over 60fps as a minimum.

The build you did there is pretty much identical to the one in my broken link except you have a larger ssd and hdd (I have an external hard drive with all my music/films).

I was undecided between 1070 and 1080 tbh, future proofing is important but £600 is a masssive investment :confused:

(Adam Mackenzie) #19

Yeah I’m sure building a PC is something that I would be able to handle, just concerned about dropping this much money and if i fuck something up then money down the drain really.

Plus, LAZY!

(Sam Connolly) #20

What you posted is a pretty solid build. I just threw this together with a 1060 and still hit a very similar price to what you’ve got.

Benefits of yours:

  • Windows included
  • Built for you
  • Much better graphics card

Benefits of mine:

  • Larger storage for SSD (you’ll burn through 120gigs quicker than you realise)
  • Larger HDD because it’s only like £70 in total for a 3tb one, cut back on it if you don’t need it
  • The sexiest case in the whole wide world
  • Super sexy motherboard too, to match your super sexy case (Also expensive motherboard, could cut back on this and make more room in your budget).
  • Larger PSU from a bit more of a known brand, I’m not sure if your superflow one is modular or not, but the one I linked is fully modular.

There’s a lot of money to save by building it yourself, and if you order from scan, you can actually insure the products from yourself. I think it’s called scansure, if you damage something while putting it in you can send it back and get the part swapped. But honestly, it’s hard to go wrong. As long as you’re more careful than I am with CPU pins on the mobo, you’ll be absolutely fine. My point is that it’s worth building the same PC over on SCAN, look at the price difference, if it’s minimal then screw it go with Overclockers, if it’s a decent difference even with scansure then SCAN makes sense.

Here is the same build I linked earlier, but with a 1070