Halo package

(Ben ) #1


(Mark Dornan) #2

A poor attempt to sell xb1’s , flogging a dead horse to be honest.

(Paul Corkin) #3

Talked a lot about it in the e3 discussion thread.

(Dean) #4

It’s shifting XB1s at the minute. However it’s a tad disapointing that the best thing MS could come up with was a release of older games.

I’d happily get it for Halo CE, but I know everyone on here would much rather play Halo 2. It’s also a lot of money as well, especially when I can just play UT and CSGO which I already own with everyone. The only reason I’d get it is to play with people I used to play with, of which nearly everyone of them plays CS with us anyway.

(Owain) #5

I think it’s a good opportunity for all the H3/Reach/H4 players to properly play the two greatest halo games of all time.

Once they do, hopefully they will understand why the 3 titles listed were toxic to the series, creating a demand for Halo 5 to be as great as it should and could be. Not just a game for casuals full of gimmicks.

(Erlend Prestmo) #6

I have a feeling its already too late.

(Owain) #7

See I’m not too sure, hopefully with the pros being involved from the start(ish) there is some hope.

Pretty sure the whole reason that Halo 2 is being shipped untouched is due to the pros, so we’ll just have to see.

(Luke Lewis) #8

Its a great idea to shift some XB1 it will get me to buy one. Shame about the controller wish they still made some of the older shapes as i find the current controller to small.

(Richard Bowman) #9

For once I think 343 have actually done something right with The Master Chief collection. It is still early days, I want to hear more about what the ranking system will be like amongst a few other things, but I must admit that overall I was happy with what I saw.

For me it will be a big deal just that I can play my favourite 3 multiplayer games on one console, one disc with dedicated servers. Whether it gets picked up again in the esports world is another matter all together, but like I said, I am happy that I will be able to play my old favourites with my old group of Halo friends, and not suffer through any more of Halo 4.

(Mark Dornan) #10