Halo CE PC

(Lewis) #141

I don’t think it’s possible to rip off the pc version, I think it’s literally impossible to make a game worse than Halo PC. They’ve released two CE gameplays so far. The first one does look bad, but was apparently from a build over a month old, the second one showing the HPC maps it looks much better. There is going to be an IGN live stream on Wednesday just for CE with all questions answered. I’ll hold my breath until I see that.

(Nick) #142

They did rip HPC, same for H2.

(Lewis) #143

Don’t think you understand my post. A “rip off” implies that the product is worse than the original. It isn’t possible to “rip off” Halo PC, due to just how bad the game is. It can’t get any worse.

(Nick) #144

rip =/= rip off

(Gavin Rainey) #145

The technical term for what happened is port.

They have ported the PC versions over, much more understandable than using the originals.