Halo CE PC

(Lewis) #121

Yea, that’s pretty much how it is for me on Noodles server. Even better actually on a lower ping. The vegans vehicle 24 hour blood gulch server is also using the mod and has great net code on there for messing around on.

(Dean) #122

Just tried the magnetism out. While it helps with the aim code. It moves your movement. You might be running down a corridor and all of the sudden you will start gliding slightly to one side. It’s pretty annoying imo.

(Lewis) #123

Yea I have that problem too but there might be a way around it. I know some one who used the xbox one controller and he doesn’t have this problem.

(Mintograde) #124

You can automatically set commands by adding the “-exec xxxx.cfg” command you see in the above screenshot.

Create a file called xxxx.cfg (or whatever you want to name it) in the CE directory (Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo Custom Edition), and put player_magnetism 1 on its own line in the file.

If you did it correctly, you will see a number in white at the bottom left of the screen when you start up Halo (at least, I think you’ll see a number - I’ve only used this with mouse_acceleration 0, so I see 0.000000000 at the bottom left when I start Halo).

(Dean) #125

Updated the server. Map cycle now alternates between CTF and TS, and has no password at the minute. If people want to arrange custom games I can re-set up a password. Also has a 100 ping limit on it to stop laggers from connecting.

(Lewis) #126

Any chance you could set up the other server as just an FFA server?

(Dean) #127

There isn’t another server is there? I thought I had killed that one because it was having issues with spiking.

(Mintograde) #128

Might want to increase ping limit to 200 or 250. I get around 100 from New York. Even 200 ping servers are playable with SAPP nolead. Edit: I might be thinking of a different game, but does SAPP have an auto-kick for laggy/skippy connections? That might be better than a flat ping limit.

Also, can you enable map skipping (51% is fine)? There are some combinations of gametypes that just aren’t fun if there aren’t many players on the server, and it would be nice to be able to skip those without an admin being there.

(Dean) #129

Skip is set at 51% already. I’ll tweak the ping later, see how it goes.

(Lewis) #130

Both servers are up and working fine.

Having it set to Derelict FFA on the other one would be great.

(Nick) #131

This died quickly didn’t it

(Adam) #132

Seems like they’re all bashing out Hearthstone now and I don’t have internet

(Gavin Rainey) #133

When I got on I remember how shit it was so went back to CS:GO

(Dean) #134

I’ve hardly been online for the past month. No-one else really made any attempts to get people online during that time.

I’m sure if you asked for games a few people would have played.

(Lethal) #135

I just thought it was god awful and made a complete mockery of the xbox version.


Tbh, once you and the Ruffster mentioned it I couldn’t unsee the issues.

(Lewis) #137

(Dean) #138

Have you seen the CE game play? It looks terrible. It’s like they’ve badly ripped the PC version.

(Lethal) #139

I can’t stop watching that gif lol. Vince is a G.

(Lewis) #140