Halo CE PC

(Dean) #101

sick sick!

(Lethal) #102

I’ll be on at 8pm, don’t you guys use TS or you using something else?

(Dean) #103

yeah, using TS.

(Mintograde) #104

I can play some games tonight.

(Dean) #105

im getting on now guys. also on teamspeak too.

(Lethal) #106

We’re online who’s coming?

(Lewis) #107

Gonna be on in around an hour guys if you’re up for a late one.

(Lethal) #108

Played a few games then stopped. Possibly the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing about it has changed compared to the old H1 PC days. Have fun.

(Lewis) #109

What? Shots register 10x better with tnis mod.

(Dean) #110

Did you play on our server or a random one? Not every server has the improved netcode mod.

(Lethal) #111

I mean Halo PC in general, it’s shockingly bad! I was expecting more from all the hype in this thread to find out it’s an unskillful piece of shit based on who can abuse the strafing system the most to feel like Neo.


Not going to lie, after playing last night - once Harry told me about the strafe you literally ADAD and spam M1. I love Halo CE but after learning that and how the bullets even with this mod really don’t hit. Kinda put me off. Inb4 you were doing bad - I actually wasn’t that’s the thing.

(Lethal) #113

The bullet registration is just way too random giving bad kids an easier ride against good players. I don’t really fancy playing an FPS where I need to play a game of “how far do i have to shoot in front of his head based on my ping.”

The worst part is the medium range battles. If you get 2 players strafing and shooting each other there’s no way to predict the outcome based solely on your aims apart from shooting in the middle of the strafe.

It can be fun to play if you don’t give a shit but sadly I’m one of the players who does. H1 was what helped me get my career off the ground and I had a huge passion for the game. But the PC version is just a massive insult. Anyone who has a different opinion and says it takes skill is clearly a complete retard and needs to take a running jump off their nearest building.

(Gavin Rainey) #114

"I don’t really fancy playing an FPS where I need to play a game of “how far do i have to shoot in front of his head based on my ping.”

Still playing halo huehuehuehuehuehue

(Lewis) #115

My shots seem to be registering fine from pretty much any range. As for the spam mouse one, you just spam the right trigger on the controller, so that aspect is the same. Also, I started using a controller instead of a mouse last night and it feels much better IMO. You can enable magnetism so it imitates how it feels on the console. I’d say 90 percent of my shots were registering fine.

Shot reg looks fine here too.

(Lethal) #116

That’s mental I’m not getting that at all. Also how do you enable magnetism?

(Lewis) #117

Make a shortcut to Halo: CE exe on your desktop. Right click the shortcut, and click Properties.

Add -console at the end of the Target line. Now you can use the ` (under escape key) key to open the console in game.

Once you’ve opened up the console, type in Player_Magnetism 1. Voilà.

Each time you start the game you have to enter the player magnetism into the console.

(Dean) #118

You mean you can actually use a controller?

(Lewis) #119

Yes, and it actually works really well with the magnetism command. You should give it another try Lethal.

(Lethal) #120

I will do as long as it looks the same as that video with regards to coding lol.