Halo CE PC

(Mintograde) #81

Halo: CE players do, at least. It’s how a lot of games get arranged.

(Dean) #82

I’ll get the password removed later so anyone can join. Think I can put a ping limit on as well using SAPP.

(Lewis) #83

Posted a thread on the American Halo forum. More players we can get the better.

Also, up for some games now if any one’s on…

How do we change maps on the server Noodle?

(Mintograde) #84

Map voting with the usual 2v2 maps would be a good thing to add (and maybe one FFA option for when people are waiting for more players).


(Lewis) #85

Really needs a map rotation as well

(Lewis) #86

Need one more for 3v3!

(Dean) #87

Ah… looks like i missed out on the action! :frowning:

(Nick) #88

@noodle can you pm me the rcon password?

(Lethal) #89

Anyone want to arrange a match later on today after work? I want to see how these new netcodes work properly.

(Dean) #90

For some reason the map rotation isn’t working. I’ll take a look later on tonight. I’ve sent a few people rcon details so you should be ok for changing maps.

(Gavin Rainey) #91

We installed the new netcode mod straight away I think.

Its cool we can play this I just struggle to play any Halo game now.

(Lewis) #92

Yea, stuff like rockets derelict is on the mapp rotation and one cap CTF wins etc

(Dean) #93

I will be on tonight, lets set a time for ppl to be on. Say like 8pm??

(Lethal) #94

I’ll be on for 8pm if anyone else is.

(Dean) #95

One cap CTF is a bug. I can fix that. No idea why derelict Rockets is there. Shall I set the rotation to 4v4 MLG game types, and remove the password then?

(Gavin Rainey) #96


@Lethal play some CS soon we still need to do the 10 wins on Militia???

(Lethal) #97

Yer I’ll be jumping on tomorrow hopefully safe!

(Dean) #98

@Mckeever @Noodle @Bagelzend @Mintograde You guys up for games tonight?


I can be online from about 7’ish yo

(Lewis) #100

Yea, definetely. I have a couple of mates that have been playing as well, so maybe we can get some 4v4’s going.