Halo CE PC

(Dean) #61

ty for not posting Damny.


Slightly confused why you posted the RatRace FFA when it was clear I wasn’t really there but yea =/

Anyway that Damny game;

(Xenoscythe) #63


(Nick) #64

cause for shits and giggles mate, everyone understands you werent there when the stats are low :stuck_out_tongue:


But it makes no sense =p even for shits and giggles we had like how many FFA’s and to post that one was random lol.

(Nick) #66

It’s the only one I ended up saving. Also forgot the derelict one which was epic lol

(Adam) #67

Nice 3/26 mate.

(Dean) #68

Anyone want to play some tonight??


My connections been down for nearly 3 hours. I’ll be up for games when it’s eventually back.

(Lewis) #70

Any one wanna play now/tonight? I’m gagging for some CE action.

(Dean) #71

I’m around, but i donno who else is!

(Lewis) #72

I’ll join the server now

(Dean) #73

im no dude. its not the one that is at the time top of the thread, its " and the password is “woot”. I am on the teamspeak if ya want to get on that too!

(Lewis) #74

GG’s from before Ruff. Can’t get over how much this SAPP mod improves the netcode, game is now really fun online. We need more players!

(Lethal) #75

Dean’s just told me all the details. I’m definitely in for this.

(Dean) #76

Updated the server IP in the OP. I won’t be around for a few days, but will defo play some games when I am.

(Lewis) #77

Lets try and get some games going later tonight.

(Dean) #78

I’m around now if anyone wants to play.

(Mintograde) #79

I’ve mostly switched back to CE on Xbox, but add me on XFire at Mintograde - if I’m on XFire, I’m looking for Halo CE games on PC.

(Adam) #80

People still use XFire?