Halo CE PC

(Dean) #41

We had instant spawn times on the Xbox when we played! Halo will always be about getting an advantage on the kills though because you can’t shoot with the flag. You need to get them spawn trapped or grabbing a flag puts you at a disadvantage.

As you saw though we didn’t make a move for the flag and ended up losing because of it.


Wasn’t through lack of me telling us to start getting shit done and moving though. However Tesco arriving with a delivery didn’t help haha.

(Dean) #43

You know I don’t move. I’m allergic to flags. Although I think I was the one who scored haha

(Nick) #44

Games tonight?

(Dean) #45

I’m down for that.

(Dean) #46

I will also play! What time?

(Adam) #47

House warming party tonight so I can’t :frowning:

(Dean) #48

You actually lied about playing didn’t you. Clearly don’t want the [R] back

(Adam) #49

But m8 I’ve got a good Reason this time

(Gavin Rainey) #50

Will the server display things now or was that my local machine?

(Ben ) #51

What time?

(Dean) #52

Well i am about now, if anyone wants to join the teamspeak and have a game.

(Dean) #53

Was your local machine. I’ll link the file you need later. @nickv knows how to fix it as well.

(Dean) #54

I’ll be on in about 30 minutes or so I reckon. Might have to grab food half way through but I’ll be on a while.

(Dean) #55

Anyone else want to play??

(Dean) #56

Anyone else playing this tonight?

Eating now, so will be on afterwards. I’ll grab people from Steam and shit Ruffell. We can manage 2v2 at least.


I may jump on in 30min or so, ill as fuck atm so depends if i can be arsed to get myself out of bed.

(Dean) #58

Yeah you can. Need 1 more for 2s. Others are welcome to join.


Sorting out food then will jump on for a few.

(Nick) #60

ggs boys

ratrace ffa

longest ts

did someone snap a shot of the carousel game?