Halo CE PC

(Gaskin) #21

Will install this tonight.

(Gavin Rainey) #22

I will put this on the upstairs PC for when Jade is streaming.

(Van Slab) #23

I’ll jump on if you need an 8th


I’m online now if anyone wants games?

(Nick) #25

@Noodle You may want to not put a password on it except when we play premade games, get that server known. Maybe some server mods? So we can kick or ban with rcon.

(Sam Hather) #26

I’ll give it a shot like! not played this game in 10 years though. What’s the pw?

(Dean) #27

Password is “woot”. Wasn’t thinking of making it known, but don’t see why not I suppose. I’ll look at that later.

(Sam Hather) #28

Howcomes we can’t chat in the game? or atleast I don’t think you can, t and y used to be the key bindings as far as I remember, and it does bring up a box, just can’t type in it lol.

Muffin just rekt me. twice.

(Nick) #29

Do you see any text at all? If not, download this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=19662

When you’ve installed it, open CMD as admin and type in this “regsvr32 msxmL3.dll”

(Sam Hather) #30

By any text at all, what do you mean? I see text about when it’s about to end etc. Not whilst typing though.

edit: I just did it anyways, off out now but will check if it worked later. Cheers m8

(Dean) #31

Yeah that will fix it. Chat text is in a different place on PC. Map cycle might not have kicked back in, so I’ll sort that when I get back.

(Nick) #32

Yeah about that, isn’t HeH CTF a bit weird? Spawns are really one sided due to height differences and it’s pretty much just as bad as it would be on Damnation. CTF would work better on Beaver Creek. Or are these old MLG settings or something?

(Dean) #33

They were old MLG settings. Teams used to swap around after 1 game though. We just kept it for old school sake. We used to LAN CTF every weekend and even on the one side maps loved it. They weren’t always that bad to be fair. Usually one team had a little harder time getting to the flag, but in return they had an easy cap. Very few were massively one sided. The worst is probably Chill Out, but my god was that fast paced haha.

On the way home now, will be back in about 20 minutes. Bagel is going to gather people at just before 7.


Right guys - I’m on the server now. If people can join the temp TS room ‘Halo CE’ and start making their way to the server that would be awesome

@Nyu, @Smidsy, @Roozle, @NickV, @Rod, @Easy, @Lethal @Xenoscythe @Noodle @Zigenzag @smather @Gaskin @NickV

(Gaskin) #35



Sorry about that Dan, we’ll sort it out for next time.

GG’s all tonight btw :slight_smile: Loved playing H:CE again.

(Dean) #37

Yeah was so so sick. Shame we only got chance to play one 4v4 game. Will have to set up some 4v4s in the future. The 2v2s at the end were fun, definitely down for some more of that.

No shock Xeno was an aim master.

(Adam) #38

Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make it, I’ll make sure I’m around next time.

(Xenoscythe) #39

Enjoyed it, I remember why i stopped playing halo on xbox though, its just tdm with flags. Stupid high respawn timers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nick) #40

u wanna play hpt rules then? 5v5 sidewinder ctf/assault [email protected]