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Was watching RvB the other day when I realized just how much I missed playing Halo CE. I figured with us all being PC gamers these days, and Halo CE actually feeling good on a mouse unlike Halo 2, we should all get together and play this beast of a game. I’ve even managed to make it easy for you all, and am in the process of setting up servers for it with my mate from Reason since he has a Windows server he can set it up on.

So since everyone is mainly here from a background of Halo, and are now all PC gamers, I’ll be slapping together a 2v2 tournament in the next few weeks to help Reason test their new tournament software they are developing. Settings will be standard (found here), except with Prisoner also in the map list to make 7 maps for the veto system. Will just be a one day cup, where we will sort out the best day to hold it.

As for the game itself, like I said, I made it easy for you all. Download this file, and then run haloce.exe. We will be running the custom edition, for the sole purpose of that version has been modded to allow F6 to edit your fov. Press F6, drag mouse until happy, press F6 to save it. Aside from that, everything else is default. It’s also running the latest 1.10 patch released a few weeks back. The point of the patch was to allow servers to continue after the death of Gamespy, but you can also set to 1080p by default now.

If anyones interested in running some custom games we can do so from tomorrow when the server is up.



No. ./closed.

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(Ben ) #4

On it! 3 shot kills incoming!

(Adam) #5

Oh man yes

(Nick) #6

I’ll show you how HeH is really played

(Gavin Rainey) #7

You should be careful with statements like that young’un


Myself and Noodle were undefeated on Prisoner 2v2 - come at us. I also wouldn’t be too sure Nick :wink: Hang em’ CTF was our LAN groups speciality back in the day so we all can beast mode it haha.

Also, Nood and I spent quite a few hours last night tweaking installs and figuring out how to get it working via a host, as the portable version available above doesn’t allow for hosting. All fixed now and hopefully should be on the dedicated server later on today.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

I didn’t have any Halo CE experience, only on social LANs but when I did i was good, I played with the monster voO ffs

(Adam) #10

Teach me MuFf1n sensei

(Nick) #11

I hope you know how to lead since LAN doesn’t have that.

HeH was always banned versus my (top 6) team in klanwars because we were undefeated after 40+ games lol


[quote=“NickV, post:11, topic:811”]
I hope you know how to lead since LAN doesn’t have that.[/quote]

We used to play Kia and XBC against 'Merican’s as we played NTSC back then so yea we can lead :stuck_out_tongue: Also, did you ever LAN PAL version? The lead off host was tremendous haha.

(Dean) #13

Did you play the Xbox version? You had to lead more on that on LAN than you do PC online haha.

(Dean) #14

Server is now up.

And sorry @NickV, but there is no lead on this server :wink: Got a mod install to improve the netcode.

(Nick) #15

now I can’t play well anymore! >=o

I’ll install the game soon bb

(Dean) #16

Playing tomorrow at 7pm GMT. Wanting to run some 4v4s. So far got; Me, Bagel, Xeno, Nomad and Zigenzag. Need 3 more.

@Nyu, @Smidsy, @Roozle, @NickV, @Rod, @Easy, @Lethal

(Nick) #17

If I’ve find my disc I’m up for it, I’ll let you know.

(Dean) #18

If not just use the RAR in the OP (The bigger file). Just extract and play haloce.exe

(Adam) #19

Not sure if I’ll be on in the evening but I’ll let you know. Definitely want to get in on this if I can.

@NickV Team with me Nick-Senpai

(Dean) #20

So potentially need just one more if team Weeaboo shows up. If you could let us know by 5 so we have time to find 2 more in case.