Halo books

(Richard Bowman) #1

Any of you guys read the Halo novels? For those of you who are interested in the story line they are a great way to learn more about the characters etc.

I have read almost all of them, think I am missing maybe 3? For those of you who have, what is your favourite book?

(Adam) #2

I’ve read The Fall of Reach, The Flood and First Strike. I have Ghost of Onyx somewhere to read too.
The Fall of Reach is genuinely really good, I completely enjoyed it. Eric Nylund’s a great author.
Found the Flood a bit boring though, it’s not written by Nylund and it’s pretty much just the first game, I did like the little bits added in from other characters points of view though.

(Matt) #3

Ghost of Onyx is probably the best one, its my favourite at least. Fall of Reach is a close second. Contact Harvest is pretty good aswell.

(Richard Bowman) #4

Yeah Ghosts of Onyx is really good, possibly my favourite book of the bunch. The new Kilo five trilogy is really good as well, Glasslands, The Thursday War and Mortal Dictata are really good reads and help bridge the gap between Halo 3 - 4 - 5.

(Gavin Rainey) #5

I must read some of these, I must also learn to read.

Good thread Rich

(Check my profile for game IDs) #6

I’ve been meaning to read them for a while.

I bought a bunch for my younger brother to try to encourage him to read, but I don’t think it worked, so I may have to steal them back.

(Richard Bowman) #7

Steal them back before he finds out how good they are!

(Richard Bowman) #8

Just finished reading The Cole Protocol, not a bad read and you can pick it up for about £6 new now as it is an older one.