Halo 5: Guardians

(Adam Mc Collum) #148

Thats exactly why I’m holding off. Even halo 4 was fun and “fresh” for a week before everyone realised without any sort of ranking system mm was just a horrendous grind. Speaking of ranking does H5 have ranks out of the box or is that coming later?

(Fatmanp) #149

Yes and they are really good.

(Matt) #150

The ranking an matchmaking is vastly different from Halo 4, bans for leaving and no joining the middle of a game in progress on the losing side. The ranking system is much more in depth too. I played Halo 4 for about 4 hours and traded it in.

(DayC) #151

Ranking is much different in this game, here’s the blog post from when they released the details:

(Adam Mc Collum) #152

Those ranks actually look pretty damn good. Since I have assignments due next week I’m going to hold off anyway (despite all the positive feedback). Seasons would probably be the biggest thing to hold my interest.

(DayC) #153

Yeah I would advise anyone who is skeptical or has commitments (inc Fallout 4 if you’re waiting for that) to wait until the December Forge update for another view on how the game is progressing and how they’re listening to the community.

(Lethal) #154

The ranking system is great. We’ve been consistently matching the pro teams in Arena all the time and it’s starting to improve our gameplay. I always wanted to compete against them as much as possible to figure out what we do wrong since they would prefer not to scrim Europeans for obvious reasons.

(DayC) #155

Interesting easter egg courtesy of Reddit.

(DayC) #156

Easter Egg on the Rig:

(Ryan Roberts) #157

Wish they spent a bit more times on the maps themselves than adding Easter eggs to them…

(DayC) #158

Would love to know your thoughts on them and what you’d change.

(Sam Hather) #159

Campaign took me 7 hours whilst pissing about - bit shit that.

also, all the maps are wank, what’s that about?

Apart from that though i’m absolutely loving it.

Did anyone find the grunt birthday party skull yet? so funny

(Josh) #160

I played about 5 hours yesterday and for me I was enjoying it because I was playing with mates I had not played with in a long time and it had been the first time I had played a Halo since around 2011 (think that’s when my xbl ran out before).

The maps are on the wank side, I am not at all used to a controller for an fps any more so it feels strange, also they have added things like a sprint, dashes, hovering and some clambering thing. So it is taking me a while to get used to all of that jazz again, but its kind of refreshing to play something “new”.

It feels a little bit unresponsive and clunky. By this I mean it feels like there is a slight delay from your input to when your action is output. This might be because the last FPS I was playing was CS:GO on a PC which we all know is superior lol.

(Adam Mc Collum) #161

I caved and got the game today. The game felt really clunky at first but the more i played the more fluid it became. I love the pistol and the aiming skillgap in general. Feels so nice getting the crazy 4/5 shot when a shot or two down with pistol/BR. DMR feels too slow for me, Br is definitely stronger. Maps are dire for me, they look like they havent been rendered to me, especially Orion/ the other forged looking one. The ranking system is pretty sweet. I got onyx after my first 10 games in swat and Diamond 1 after my first 10 in Arena. I could see myself playing this game at events if my friends from past halos came back.

(Ryan Roberts) #162

The Warzone maps I actually like, all three of them and this is my preferred game mode as it stands.

I find all the arena maps bland in general, the forged maps in particular look like poor first efforts and lack soul / character - this is subjective, but aesthetically they just look weird / shiny. Specifically I think Orion is just awful, so easy to get spawn locked in the open. There’s no middle sizes maps, like The Pit to keep things fresh in terms of size.

The map I liked from the beta, Truth, which was like a Midship esque map I enjoyed, but I’m yet to play it. Eden is also ok.

(Sam) #163

big fan. Halo is back but its too late for the e-sports community really. Everybody has moved on.

(Sam Hather) #164

I swear people drop out of games every one in two games. Also, are there plans for a br playlist or…?

(DayC) #165

Forge update out on the 15th, this comes with the update:

(Lethal) #166

Found out that a massive 8 teams attended Halo 5 at i56. Somehow it’s decreased by 1 team compared to i55.

(C**t ) #167

Halo 5 will save EU Halo.