Halo 5: Guardians

(Sam Hather) #128

What you thinking about initial impressions wise? Worth the buy?

(Matt) #129

I really like it, it feels like they’ve found the right balance as far as the abilities go and nothing feels too strong. The audio is pretty solid and it’s graphically pleasing. The movement works pretty well and the dodge you get is small enough that it makes it pretty situational and won’t get you out of all situations like the one in Reach/4. The sprinting stops your shields from re-generated which stops it being like Reach where people run like Usain until they’re safe. The matchmaking system is pretty solid and I’ve not had any games that have been imbalanced and only had 1 game where someone has quit.

The single player is underwhelming in terms of length but has plenty of girth as far as lore from the Halo Universe and I actually got pretty giddy seeing Chief with his team from the books.

(Sam Hather) #130

Excellent stuff - thank you.

Will purchase on Friday if anyone is down for some games

(Fatmanp) #131

I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single game i have played. The pistol is so good.

(Lethal) #132

Feels great out pistoling shitters who’d of our BR’d you in H4.

(DayC) #133

Here’s a good, bad and ugly from me after my first day on the game. I won’t comment on campaign because i’ve not touched it yet.


  • Weapon balance is really good, the pistol is the most balanced weapon i’ve seen in Halo for a long time.
  • Servers have been pretty solid and it feels great to have Halo on dedi servers in MM especially larger games like Warzone.
  • The audio feels satisfying is a weird way from the clink of when you launch a frag to the pop when you finish a kill. I was worried it would be too much judging by the beta but everything sounds like it should be there.
  • The REQ system. How micro-transactions should be done, it doesn’t take long to grind packs and all cards can be used / sold.
  • The sprint balance is great. People use it to quickly get from place to place when not under fire and that’s it, i’d still turn it off personally but for MM it’s fine.
  • MM speed is very quick but this should be reavaluated in the coming months.
  • Maps in arena are quite balanced, there’s a few I wouldn’t pick for competitive play but on the whole 1 day in, it’s fun to play.
  • The dodge is the only new ability that I like, this is personal preference though not everyone will like it.
  • Breakout & Warzone. Finally new gametypes that are fun.


  • The graphics are underwhelming and even though it keeps a solid 60FPS this isn’t something “next gen” consoles should be bragging about.
  • Theater is bare bones.
  • No forge of course, December release.
  • The map selection is lack luster.
  • Ground pound, seriously what is that bullshit?


(Sam Connolly) #134

Wait so is the pistol balanced or not? From what I’ve heard you can quite fairly trade with people with things like BR’s and come out on top if you’re using a pistol.

(Fatmanp) #135

Yep. The BR is obviously superior at longer ranges but on some of the maps that range does not become effective.

(DayC) #136

Anyone worth their salt at medium range with a BR or Carbine will likely win over a pistol but there are more factors that would determine the outcome of a fight with those 2 weapons. The biggest one being very minimal auto aim, much less margin for error and more room for outplays.

It’s quite an odd feeling with a BR because you’re not unsure if you’re going to win a fight, you actually feel better off but there’s always that feeling in the back of your mind that if you even fuck up a tiny bit or someone gets the drop on you then you’ll lose the fight.

(Sam Connolly) #137

Ahh that’s good then if they’ve managed to find a balance of the pistol still being useful but not h1 standard pistol which launched nukes.

(Fatmanp) #138

I find Pistol duels to be far more enjoyable than BR duels for some reason. Getting a perfect 5sk is so satisfying particularly if you are shot first.

(Gavin Rainey) #139

Im really glad to hear its going well, for those old heads still trying to find some love from Halo :smiley:

(Ryan Roberts) #140

Can some explain fucking req packs to me, I currently own 23 mongooses… mongeese?

(Matt) #141

They’re for the Warzone game type, you can request them and use them when you have the right REQ level in the game, it’s kinda weird and if you don’t plan on playing warzone at all utterly useless.

(Dean) #142

Are people enjoying it because it’s the best Halo in a long time, or because for the first time you weren’t hyped in anyway and are enjoying it for what it is as opposed to being let down because it didn’t live up to the hype?

(DayC) #143

The first one I think. I was super hyped for the game because of the effort it looked like 343i were putting into the competitive aspect of the game but the main problem for me is that since 3 the games havn’t been fun.

This is fun out of the box because they’ve

  1. Listened to what people wanted and 2. Not tried to over deliver. They’ve certainly under delivered in terms of Forge and customs but as long as they continue to listen to the community and rectify these mistakes then they’re onto a winner. What has happened is they’ve given us a well balanced, bug free and fun game to play whilst sticking to the things they promised us like dedi servers and constant 60fps it’s just a bit of extra effort to make this a more rounded Halo experience.

(Fatmanp) #144

Even though it has all the spartan abilities the gun play is still Halo. Faster paced gameplay but with good kill times and so far some decent maps gets the thumbs up for me.

(Ryan Roberts) #145

Given how much of a spectacular failure MCC was I think a lot of people (myself included) had low expectations for Halo 5 and because of the MCC we also haven’t played Halo in a long time, so it feels fresh. It’s a bit early to say but I wonder if this is a case of a false positive…

That said, first impressions from me were good on the whole but I’ve only played a couple of campaign missions and two multiplayer games.

(DayC) #146

This is a really good point. I’ll update again in the coming weeks to see how the game holds up for me.

(Ryan Roberts) #147