Halo 5: Guardians

(Lethal) #108

I’ve got it, it’s shit.

It’s basically Reach and H4 combined.

(Anthony) #109


(Nick) #110

Any studio that names itself after the 343 Guilty Spark is bound to fuck things up. Did people not play the campaign?

(Fatmanp) #111

I really like it. Much harder to aim than previous titles, the abilities feel natural as opposed to a barrier to enjoyment.

(Matt) #112

Oh my god.

How did we not see this?

It’s happening all over again…

(DayC) #113

Multiplayer has been released to the twitch streamers, MCC was dying by this point and this isn’t so that’s good.

  • Auto aim seems really, really low.
  • Pistol actually looks usable and proper flag juggling is back.
  • Maps looks reasonably varied not just the grey shit we’ve seen regularly since Reach.
  • They’ve toned down the hit indicator noise from the beta.
  • I’m still not a fan of sprint but it feels like a non entity from what i’ve seen.
  • BR should be starting over AR in Arena, all anybody seems to do is look for the nearest ranged weapon. From what i’ve read they’ll be tweaking this based on feedback in the community but at least the pistol is usable from mid range.
  • Not enough medals.

Only a few more days to wait to try it out.

(Lethal) #114

I’ve noticed H5 contains a wider variety of additional options such as the strafe speed, strafe acceleration, slide speed etc which is all good for the tournament scene, but I’m still not convinced that this game will stay in the competitve market for long. I spectated Simms playing H5 last night for 20 minutes and I got bored of it extremely quickly.

I personally enjoy game types such as breakout since it reminds me of CoD SnD but that’s about it. Always willing to give shit a try but christ if a $1m H5 event doesn’t keep the players interested then they might as well call it a day like they should of done 7 years ago.

(DayC) #115

I think it’s all a waiting game at this point to see how it develops and adjusts, the important thing is that it’s given time to do so. 343 have clearly tried to make it competitive out of the box but only time will tell if it will hold its ground.

However, if it’s not holding your attention for more than half an hour then the game probably isn’t for you. Wait until it comes out though, find a friend who has it and see if you can play their copy. I find MTG streams incredibly dull to watch but playing the game is a whole different experience.

(DayC) #116

Here is a run through of the available options. There is a lot of shit here. Clamber, Sprint, Slider, Ground Pound and Hover can all be altered quite heavily or removed altogether.

(Peter Woodberry) #117

One of the devs said theres a chance it could be released on PC, if they dont fuck it up thats where Halo will become popular again.

(Dean) #118

I honestly don’t think it will. The game just isn’t that good any more. Csgo won’t be beaten, Overwatch is out soon and TF2 is getting a proper matchmaking system soon. There are also other titles coming and people didn’t really care that much for the free to play Russian Halo after a week.

I just don’t see it gaining any traction at all.

(Hamzah) #119

The fact you can disable sprint/clamber and reduce the game back to its vanilla state is really cool. Picked up an XB1 for a cheap price recently so might give this a little tinkle

(Yan) #120

They’d have to pay me to get an XB1 so I’m hoping that dude wasn’t just talking about the hardware making it possible to be on PC

(DayC) #121

No PC release i’m afraid. It’s for best though, H5 will never keep up with CS or the upcoming Overwatch in the PC market.

(Sam Connolly) #122

Doesn’t mean it’s impossible it’ll be made for PC. If you read the rest of that twitter thread you’ll see why, it’s a bunch of Xbox fanboys going “OMG MUH EXCLUSIVES”. But time will tell if it ever will be released or not. If I recall correctly, both Halo 1 and 2 were Xbox exclusive too right?

(C**t ) #123

Same as when The Tomb Raider Sequel was announced and they called it an XB1 Exclusive, it later turned out to only be a timed exclusive.

(DayC) #124

Enjoying it so far. Surprised at well balanced the pistol feels.

(Adam Mc Collum) #125

How do the servers feel? Seeing a lot of Americans in games with Europeans (watching ninja’s stream and he just lost to lethal etc). Connection looked pretty damn crisp but obviously i was just watching one POV.

(Matt) #126

It’s been pretty good, I haven’t heard anything but american accents and haven’t had anything to complain about server wise.

(Adam Mc Collum) #127

Hmmm, well im going to give it another week or so before i make a decision to buy it. Mobility looks kinda retarded at times though, but maps seem open enough thats its not totally overpowered.