Halo 5: Guardians

(Max Grkinic) #68

Lets take a look at 343i’s record so far. Halo4 = terrible, halo mcc broken totally online at launch. Then we take a look at the leaked halo 5 footage. Contains Sprint (one of the most complained about additions to halo) and ads. Looking good so far.

(Gazza) #69

i agree that halo mcc is fuckin awful at launch i feel this has more to do with the xbox one being awful more than the actually game. I heard every big release on the console has been like this.

Funny considering MS boasted about all these thousands of new servers that will make games run smooth using the cloud and shit.

As for halo 5 i dont really have a strong opinion against or for at the moment until the beta comes out so ill just wait to watch some of that.

(Max Grkinic) #70

Not sure we can blame the xbox for MCC’s awful launch, CoD launched almost perfectly just last week so its got to be a developer problem imo. Either way its a real shame because the few games i did get to play were really enjoyable.

(Nick) #71

You can’t blame (a shitty) console or servers for the amount of ridiculous bugs MCC has. It’s as if they didn’t bother even alpha testing the game.

(Fatmanp) #72

Agreed. There is a massive bug thread on Reddit which was put together within about 18 hours of the game being launched. The game(s) were not tested at all.

(Gazza) #73

im on about the servers and the fact u cant even play the game at the moment

(Dean) #74

That’s bad coding for the network infrastructure, not the servers themselves. The game runs on Microsoft’s Azure network, which is used by massive businesses around the world so has to be flawless in execution.

(Max Grkinic) #75

Yeah thats all 343i’s fault, nothing to do with the xbox itself. Look at every other game that has launched on the console. None had problems like this at launch. They obviously didnt test anything.

(Gazza) #76

I’m just going off what people have been saying that a lot of big releases on the console have been like this.

(DayC) #77

Halo 2 had issues like this at launch, they’re just emulating the experience :wink:

(Yan) #78

It’s probably ro do with publisher pressure more than anything. Microsoft want those Halo games out before Christmas because they know they’re pretty much the only major selling point for their console.

(Adam) #79

So the gameplay I’ve seen looks pretty good :confused:

The ADS isn’t a bad as I thought. The weapons that already had scopes, like the BR and the pistol, now have a sort of holo sight, whereas weapons that didn’t have scopes get a slight zoom. Not sure why they’ve implemented it but it’s better than full ADS.

People that have played it are saying it’s geared towards e-sports but that means nothing really, they said the same about H4.

(Erlend Prestmo) #80

I still want sprint to be removed completely, but the way the maps are designed it looks like there is no way getting away from it…

(Richard Bowman) #81

Ill wait until I play the beta, but at the moment this will probably be the first Halo game I won’t purchase.

(Gavin Rainey) #82

(Max Grkinic) #83

Does MCC work yet?

(Ryan Roberts) #84

It’s being patched today… but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

(DayC) #85

MCC patch notes

(Gazza) #86

Was a great sight on twitter to see everyone hyped up about the patch and them to see the anger and flame when they realised it did fuck all. People moaning about how its still broken and shit.

Maybe people will stop riding 343s dick and posting cringe worthy hashtags while 343 fuck up mcc more and even fuck up halo 5.

Feeling smug the fact i was negative towards halo got a ban now they all look like fuckin morons.

(Dean) #87

You used to be that guy Gazza. Took you a while to stop riding 343s dick, so it’s hypocritical to abuse others for it.