Halo 5: Guardians

(Dean) #48

The masses never played BTB. TS always had at least 10x the population. That was Halo 2 and 3 anyway, and no exaggeration on the numbers.

(Erlend Prestmo) #49

Design wise it looks like Halo 4. It makes me sad, but I know this game will suck. Luckily we have MCC!

(Michael Brady) #50

the 5v5 playlist on halo 3 and reach always had the most players, as noodle said

(Matt) #51

Pretty much halo.Once you go master race it’s hard to go back. Especially now that the new consoles are literally just mid-range PC builds. What’s the point.

(Paul Corkin) #52





(Dean) #53

Originality is through the roof. And oh look, Midship once again. Halo is stuck 10 years in the past, that’s why noone cares about it. When will they realize this isn’t 2004 any more. Not just 343 but the idiots they listen to and hired to help them make Halo bigger.

(Adam Mc Collum) #54

My heart sunk a bit when i saw sprint again.

(Dean) #55

Fourth video didn’t load for me earlier. ADS. I reckon just one more title and Halo will be exactly where Microsoft are wanting it to be. CoD in space. Call of Duty Space Warfare: Chief Ops.

(Paul Corkin) #56

Looks like the added custom sites as well to weapons looking at the last video. I agree Halo is dead and these videos just make me facepalm.

(Nick) #57

I will probably borrow someone’s XB1 and the game just so I can play singleplayer. The story has always been good imo. AND CORTANA MUST BE REVIVED

(DayC) #58

Today should be interesting.

(Adam) #59

ADS in Halo is the most stupid thing I’ve heard about it so far. They keep talking about reviving the competitive scene and hire a load of the old players then add things like that. Makes me wonder what the players they hired are saying. Whatever they get paid to say I guess.

This. I’d feel bad not playing a Halo single player.

(Nick) #60

Tbh I have no problem with ADS, it’s better than that awkward zoom the Assault Rifle had (which I think instantly unzoomed when you fired). No penalty to hip fire either.

(Adam) #61

Those were just the binoculars in his helmet, not a zoom. ADS instantly slows down any game. It encourages camping.

(Yan) #62

I’m really glad they’re trying their best to kill Halo once and for all because that means I won’t have to buy that shit console.

(Gazza) #63

Just watched most of the gameplay etc and idk what to think tbh.

Lighting sucks and sprint is still in… If the halo community had a back bone and some balls instead of just hanging on to anything that gets thrown at them in a blind fanboy hashtag lets all pray to god this game will be amazing and number 1 in the world cringey way then maybe 343 wouldnt really keep doing this.

One positive ive seen from this is that it looks a lot harder to shoot people compared to the current esport title halo 2 anniversary. Apparantly that game is piss easy to shoot someone on but yanno we must all follow 343 and do what they say even though we have halo 1 and even halo 2 available.

Anyway last year of halo rip.

(Dean) #64

What happened to “just wait @Gazza”. You was always fanboying 343i saying that they would fix it and everything would be golden.

I think that Halo will have a good few months, but then as people realize that there is a tiny map pool they will return to what ever else they are playing. Halo 5 won’t go anywhere unless they throw money at it, even then I don’t see that happening.

(Nick) #65

Halo 5 has fast gameplay, which is good imo. As for graphics… yeah it reminds me way too much of Halo 4. This is a bad thing.

(Max Grkinic) #66

How anybody can even be slightly optimistic about this game when its being made by 343i blows my mind. Just look at the state of MCC, online doesn’t even work at release lol

(Nick) #67

The fact that people buy an Xbox One to begin with is mind boggling, so why the fuck not?