Halo 5: Guardians

(Josh) #27

So do I, in fact I would love to be proved wrong. I just don’t see it, also even if it was amazing I wouldn’t go back to console FPS.

(Adam) #28

That’s your channel? I’ve seen that video a few times in different places.

(Sanchez ) #29

This aint COD ,so you cant automatically guarantee it will be shit . I am up for giving it a bash when it comes up ,surely it cant be worse than halo 3

(Gavin Rainey) #30

Halo Reach was worse than Halo 3, and Halo 4 was cod meets halo.

Whilst everyone who has every enjoyed halo will wish and hope it is good, the negative facts outweigh the positive.

Its hard to think someone can go bad bad AMAZING by bringing in some people who were attached to the titles as players previously.

But as Josh said, it is PC fps for me strictly.

(Daniel Rice) #31

I loved Halo 3. Just saying. If it played like 2 with all the abilities/features of 3 plus a combination of each games maps it would be perfect. Halo: Masterchief Collection hello! :wink:

(Erlend Prestmo) #32

I’m not positive for this game at all tbh, the need to bring Halo back to its roots, and get rid of all the gimmicks.I also demand a beta,so they can’t fool me again.

(Paul Corkin) #33

Taken from MS briefing today.

(Matt) #34

Questions I have for the footage;

How much space on the screen will the guns take up ( ~30%)
Will it be 60fps+ (maybe)
Will the FoV make me feel claustrophobic (yes)
Is there autoaim (yes)
How many people on haloforum.eu hype it and how funny will it be to laugh at them until they realise it’s shit (too many, it will be fucking hilarious for a good week or two)

Nevermind I realise I had the answers already

Also @smather @Nyu that channel is fantastic. Picture montages. Wow

(Adam) #35

That ‘First Look’ video didn’t even have one look in it.


(Sam Hather) #36

Tell me about it!

I can’t believe I don’t have the fame of pewdiepie

(DayC) #37

You saw maps and characters, is that not a look?

(Taylor) #39

Fuck, accidentally deleted last post ^^^

So today we found out that Halo 2 Anniversary will feature the original skill-based ranking system as Halo 2 and Sanctuary will be remastered.

They’ve also stated they want to bring Halo 5 back to an arena style competitive shooter, with 4v4 identical starts as a focus…

Hell I’m not getting too hopeful, but I’m not hearing anything I don’t like the sound of.

(Paul Corkin) #40

I’m forever hopeful but won’t be committing to buying an XBONE from what i have seen so far.

(Adam) #41

I saw Midship made shinier and a couple of generic looking brown walls.
Most of the video was one guy talking about how amazing his game’s going to be and how it’s got everything in that people have asked for.

(DayC) #42

You saw something, that’s a look. Nobody ever claimed it’d be a good look.

It’s a hype video January will give us a better idea of the game.

(Gazza) #43

I just dont have faith they can make good maps.

(Mark Dornan) #44

Dat blistering 60fps tho , it will be amazing pffft.

Flogging a dead horse…

(Dean) #45

This 10x. What was the last solid competitive map that was in a Halo game? Off all the maps 343 have made, have ANY of them been competitive? They were given Damnation and even managed to mess that up for fucks sake.

(Fatmanp) #46

I suppose when you are building maps with sprint and armour abilities in in mind it fucks up your perspective of what a halo map should be hence Reach and H4.

(Gazza) #47

I like how they say they are going to concentrate on the competitive 4v4 but what about big team and the other social stuff that the masses play?