Halo 5 Gameplay and screen shots

(Richard Bowman) #1

Hello SSRCG, long time no see!

I don’t know if any of you guys are interested at all, so if this bombs then my bad. Myself and a few others have started our own site, www.Shady-Tales.com. Basically we just want to write about games, nothing fancy, that’s pretty much it. We have put together an article with all the videos and screen shots from Halo 5 that we could find, so if you are interested you can see it by clicking here.

Also if this is against forum rules, linking to other sites then Im sorry, you can delete this thread, again my bad. But if any of you guys do visit the site, any support/feedback would really be appreciated.

Thanks SSRCG!

(Dean) #2

I have no issues with you posting about your site since you’re a community member (or at least was ;))

I took a look through your coding by the way, where did you get the them from? It’s go so much pointless code, such as blank divs just stacking on each other. This will be slowing your site down quite a bit. Also you really need to remove the side bar. You’re just putting redundant content on it at the minute. It only posts what is already on the front page anyway. And expand the top image to fill the whole screen, looks out of place at the moment with a blue line going across the screen. You have me on Skype if you want any help.

(Richard Bowman) #3

Ah right that’s good to know, I was trying to figure out what the performance issues was. The feedback is appreciated, Ill take a look at that for sure. Also I will take you up on that skype chat if you don’t mind, that will be a great help.

(Dean) #4

No worries man, if I’m around I can help out.