For sale - Maximus IV Extreme LGA 1155


Pretty much bought this for £100 from ebay on the 23rd of June 2014 with the listing as full working order, not been able to test fully as I haven’t had a 1155 CPU to run on it, but in testing without CPU I can’t find any faults - power to HDD/GPU and fans all in order. Looking to sell for about £50 ono, great board tbh however I’m just thinking of getting a 1150 board to make it a little easier on myself for CPU options in the next few months. Comes with all accessories, however no original box. Full information on the board can be found here -

*Edit now looking for £25

Pictures below;


BUMP - still looking to sell this =)


Another bump guys and gals, now looking for £25 if anyone’s interested =)

(Xenoscythe) #4

What box does it come in?


No original box unfortunately, just the anti-static bag and a box that was sent from the seller initially.