Football Thread

(Owain) #21

5-0 England, Beckham to come on and score a 50 yard header.

(Dean) #22

I wonder what the odds are on that.

(Andy ) #23

“The old record was 35,7 km/h from Arsenal-attacker Theo Walcott.”

(DayC) #24

Time to bring Ross the Boss on and show the world some Scouse magic.

Edit: or we won’t because our only tactic is to play the wings…

(Paul Corkin) #25

Super Mario Super Mario world…cup.

Sterling played his legs of all game, one of the best players on the pitch.

(Yan) #26

Fucking Glen Johnson. Fucking Wayne Rooney.

(Owain) #27

Do we really not have a better right back?

Would rather play 3 at the back than have shitty Glen Johnson ruin every attack he is involved with…

(DayC) #28

Glenn was fine Rooney is THE problem besides the tactics in that squad.

P.S I think Glenn Johnson is shit.

(C**t ) #29

Such a lack of quality chances made in the final 3rd.

(DayC) #30

@Wobs disapoint this didn’t happen.

(Nick) #31

I really enjoyed that game. I thought we were slightly the better team actually. It’s been a long time since England were exciting to watch and i think we’ll deserve to get through the group if we play like that in the next two games.

(Paul Corkin) #32

Henderson, gerrard, rooney all missing, Italy ran the midfield whole game.

Sums up gerrard performance

(DayC) #33

This sums up the feelings i’ve seen from several people, completely contrasting. The only thing people thing agree on is that Italy destroyed on their right wing because of Rooney’s lack of control on our left.

(Owain) #34

Oh yes, Rooney was pretty pants… Can’t remember the last time I saw a good performance from him.

Gerrard was OK, would like to see him in a more attacking role personally.

Pirlo was MotM for me, he was incredible.

(Dean) #35

Honestly thought neither team deserved to win. England are terrible once they fall behind. They just smash it up front and pray. You can see from how they move that they are desperate. They can’t handle pressure at all.

(DayC) #36

@Noodle Actually our response to their first was an accurate long through ball along the floor, it was hardly smash and pray.

There wasn’t a lot of experienced players out their last night that were attacking and the few that did failed to impress. The youth tried but in the end are always going to fall to the might of Pirlo if they have no experience behind them.

@Wobs I disagree with Gerrard, he’s a playmaker now we don’t need him to drive at the back 4 anymore that’s Barkley’s job.

(Owain) #37

Each to his own :slight_smile:

For me, you need a player just like Pirlo for that role. I love seeing Gerrard drive forward and taking some shots from outside the box. Just feel like he is wasted in his current role and doesn’t seem too happy.

(Paul Corkin) #38

Pirlo was untouched the whole game. Attacking 3 for England where good (Sturridge, Sterling, Welbeck), Looked promising.

(Andy ) #39

Pepe really is a disgrace to football, i hope Portugal won’t get past the group stages.

(Nick) #40

It’s not all doom and gloom for England. When you look at Spain, Uruguay and Portugal, you see that you can have worse starts than 1-2 to Italy.

Also this: