Finally got a PC thanks to SSRCG

(Richard Bowman) #1

After wanting one for awhile I finally bought some PC parts and put it all together to have a fully functioning PC! Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread to help me decide what parts I should get given my budget. All in all I spent £500 and I am very happy with what I have put together.

Now I just need some games!

(Peter Woodberry) #2

Get on the CS:GO hype, it’ll be really hard at first but its so worth it.

(Adam Mc Collum) #3

I honestly didnt find it that hard, im only starting to find it hard now at MG2. Once you get the recoil on the guns and how to buy intelligently you can climb pretty fast with aim alone.

EDIT: Failed with the reply, talking about CS:GO.

(Richard Bowman) #4

Yeah Im not sure about CS:GO. Its no doubt one of the best shooters out there, Im just not a fan of the setting lol. Dumb I know, but I prefer things like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Halo etc, the sci fi setting. Still, I might give it a go.

(C**t ) #5

Didnt you build one a year ago?

(Richard Bowman) #6

Not me, my friend did and I helped him. This time I put together my own PC. And it was magical.

(C**t ) #7

Ah ok, what are the specs?

(Richard Bowman) #8

Not sure if this link works but Prio put this together for me

(Richard Bowman) #9

The only thing I changed was the power supply, got something a bit bigger.

(Dean) #10

You can play the new Unreal Tournament while it’s in development. Pretty decent game so far as well. Doom is also on its way next year. Aside from that there is nothing like them games on the market.