Film Discussion Thread

(Nick) #162

teminator annihilation - loljk


I didn’t think the Terminator Genisys trailer looked that good =/

Watched Nightcrawler this morning. Very nice movie.

(Gazza) #164

didnt watch the originals but dam it looks good

(Mark Dornan) #165

This looks fucking badass,can’t wait.

Watched Snowpiercer recently and it’s surprisingly good worth a watch.

Got around to seeing Guardians of the galaxy, not bad starts well then towards the end loses momentum.

You must see FURY first hour and a half is blinding then when they get to the crossroads it get silly, still worth a watch.

Grand Budapest Hotel is funny and worth a watch.

Nightcrawler, not bad.

Philomena , worth a watch.

Maze runner, worth a watch.

LUCY most interesting if you like Sci fi.

Predestination, surprisingly good.

The Theory of everything , meh.

Interstellar , very good.

(Matt) #166

(Spankpaddle) #167

“Go see the one they call strider, he is already making a name for him self”

Yes, at 9 years old he is in the woods fucking shit up making a name for him self. They screwed the pooch on the last movie.

(Adam) #168

Battle of Five Armies wasn’t amazing. I did enjoy it but in the end it’s a Hobbit film so it was a bit childish.

Saw Birdman last week. I’d definitely recommend it. The acting’s amazing, especially from Ed Norton, and Micheal Keaton’s great throughout.

(Matt) #169

Battle of Five Armies was an all right film, just can’t take it seriously if you’ve read the book…

Seriously there’s so much funny shit, like the worms. THE WORMS.
Okay so first off, how the fuck did you tame them to do what you wanted.
Secondly, surely you could just dig under the enemy army (tiny dwarves) and keep them in a fucking hole underground for the entire fight.
Thirdly, when they dig the hole for the orc army to come up through, HOW DID THEY FIT? Like… the worms seem to take up the entire thing and then they go back down the same holes they created and within 5 seconds, MASSIVE ARMY.

Anyway, lots of other funny shit. I was entertained though for sure.

Where did those yak/ram things come from as well? They were amazing. Why didn’t all the dwarves have them?


anyone watched the Golden Globes?

(Yan) #171

(Adam) #172

So what’s been everyone’s film of the year?

I’ve gotta say Birdman, with Interstellar in close second just because of how amazing it was to look at.

(Sam Hather) #173

Is Birdman good then?

been considering watching it, but wasn’t sure if it’d be overly pretentious.

(Adam) #174

I really enjoyed it, the acting’s amazing.

(Gazza) #175

Watched it the other night, was amazed they won the battle considering they where outnumbered 20 to 1 and I’m prob being a bit generous with that.


Fucking remakes upon remakes. Now we get a new Fantastic 4, sorry, Fant4stic -__- They’re gonna save us from the evil blue lazer beam that shoots up to the sky one again. I’m fucking sick of it.

(Anthony) #177

American sniper was really good.

(Xenoscythe) #178

But Kate mara,


Agree, Kate is really hot. Ever since I saw her in Shooter, standing there with the paper… the nipples shining through, my God, plus she’s a redhead

(C**t ) #180

House of Cards.

(Nick) #181

Watched Nightcrawler and Her recently. I thought Her was amazing. Nightcrawler was really weird. It was decent overall but was really just a showcase of Jake Gyllenhaal acting creepy.