Film Discussion Thread


Finally got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Pretty cool…

(Nick) #123

Seen Intersteller just now. It’s an incredible film in my opinion, though 4 out of 6 friends say it sucked. They also admitted they knew nothing of the theories used in the film. The other two said they did know them and they also said the film is amazing. Must watch for people who are interested in science. Ending was a bit too far fetched though, atleast as far as I know. To my understanding of the bigger theories lingering on the internet, it’s impossible for us to even imagine it, though we can understand it. I don’t think I can say much more on the matter without spoiling it, so I won’t.


man I can’t wait to watch that movie

(Adam) #125

Going to see it on Wednesday on IMAX, looking forward to it.

(Paul Corkin) #126

Bring Earplugs :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sanchez ) #127

watched interstellar , the mrs sternritter loved it . Not that she knows anything about science , i liked it but it wasnt quite like an inception/Armageddon crossover i was expecting from people telling me about it prior. Those 3 hours also felt like a breeze after an afternoon of drinking .

Dracula untold - wayy better than i thought it would be

Guardians of the galaxy , didn’t know what to expect (didn’t read up) with this one but it was worth 2 hours of me time just for the lolz it induced.

(Gavin Rainey) #128


Clearly Lynda>You blud

Tell her I said she has great film choice and that Matthew is amazing:

(Adam) #129

Oh my God, Interstellar. I’m blown away. Nolan, McConaughey and who ever did the SFX all deserve Oscars.

(Paul Corkin) #130

Probably my favorite movie in recent times. I’m not a huge movie lover but it was outstanding.

(jbssteve) #131

I will eventually get round to seeing interstellar this weekend as it becomes free at odeon. Saw the imitation game Tuesday, really good film and was very well cast. Probably on a similar level to captain phillips on how good it was as a biopic for me

(Sanchez ) #132

Saw an advert for “meet the millers 2” how did i not know there was a sequel until wednesday.

The first was so funny.

(Adam) #133

The first one looked absolutely terrible.


well it not only looked terrible, it was terrible. I like Emma Roberts though :3

(Lewis) #135

Went to see Interstellar at the IMAX. Solid 7.4/10, but I think the IMAX boosted it up a few points. Hathaway irritated me throughout though.

(Adam) #136

Pretty excited for this.

(Gazza) #137

that lightsaber just pisses me off

(Nick) #138

it’s a lightsword now m8

(Adam) #139

I sorta like it. I’m hoping it means he’s gonna be a lone Sith with no master, hence the imperfect blade which he made himself.

(Josh) #140

That is an abomination, the only thing I could think about when I saw the teaser was how ridiculous that light sword shite design actually would be irl. It would be mega impractical and it just pissed me off.

(Adam) #141

It’s not entirely new