Film Discussion Thread

(Adam) #82

Looked pretty interesting from the trailer, I’ll have to give it a download.

(Mark Dornan) #83

Watched “Edge of tomorrow” very good , well worth a watch.

(Adam) #84

Talked about it right at the start of the thread. Such a good film.

(Xenoscythe) #85

Just watched “Filth” both funny and sad at the same time. Recommend it. Its name is full on correct though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Adam) #86

Seen a ton recently.

Sin City 2 was amazing. The way it’s shot is perfect, even more like a comic than the first.

Watched a movie online called Session 9 and was totally surprised. It’s about a group of asbestos cleaners cleaning out an abandoned mental hospital and slowly losing it.

Watched The Cube online. I’d never heard of it before and it totally wasn’t what I was expecting. A few people wake up inside a cube made of smaller cubes filled with traps. Some pretty good twists.

Went to see A Most Wanted Man at the cinema the other night and really enjoyed that too, really good psychological thriller.

(Matt) #87

From this thread i’ve realised I have the exact taste in films as @Feign
Tarantino is love. Tarantino is life.

Recent thoughts on films in general lately:
I love marvel but holy fuck chill out with releasing one every month, half of them are pretty trash films now.
Action films in general are getting more and more generic by the day.
Daniel Radcliffe is a bellend
Romcoms are bad if you’re not with a girl, but great with a girl because they get wet as fuuuck (Begin again in this case)
Sin City and Sin City 2 are both absolutely …

(Adam) #88

The only thing Nick has a good taste in is films.

(Matt) #89

@nyu @Feign

(Nick) #90

I read about this a few days ago looking for horror films, it’s Korean, isn’t it?

@matt I still play Tera

(Adam) #91

Nah it’s not, has David Caruso in.

(Nick) #92

Weird, I was going through asian horror films and ended up seeing it somewhere, somehow. Oh well, I’ll watch it eventually. There’s an Australian horror film called The Tunnel. It’s surprisingly good tbh.


Man, sometimes I really do feel like I’m living under a rock. Watched the new Sin City and it was only after, while reading up on it I came to learn that Brittany Murphy has passed away. Now I can’t shake this horrible feeling, and it’s not like I was a big time fan of her either but just finding it out like that, I don’t know… I’m sad now, such a young pretty woman :’(
ib4 somebody mentions Michael Clarke Duncan… I know guys.

(Lewis) #94

I thought Sin City sequel was great. First one was god tier status so it was never going to top that, but still a solid 8/10 film IMO.

Snowpiercer is excellent.


I thought SC2 was alright. Didn’t really impress me too much.
Snowpiercer is good? I remember, I starting watching in it a while back and turning it off 10 minutes it… dunno, might have to give it another go.

(Lewis) #96

It’s a bit…weird, but in a good way. It’s a very unique film, it does start off slow for the first 20 mins or so, but I found it turned into an intense adventure/thriller all the way up until the end after that point. I just thought it was a very innovating and interesting film compared to most films released today. Give it another shot.

SC2 won for me because it followed virtually the same formula as the original. The bits with Bruce Willis’s ghost were corny as fck though.

(Anthony) #97

I couldn’t sleep a few days back and Gangster No.1 was on. Can’t believe I’ve never seen it before, brilliant film.

(Adam) #98

Saw Dracula Untold yesterday and it was as average as expected. Nothing else I can say about it though. Saw a trailer for Nightcrawler though, that film looks so good.

Also Marvel have pretty much announced that Cap 3 will lead into the Civil War storyline, which will feature Spider-Man. I’m pretty excited, I’ve been wanting this since MCU became a thing.

(jbssteve) #99

Quite looking forward to interstellar, also seeing what the imitation game is like. Saw TMNT the other day and was pretty surprised by it.

(Andy ) #100

DC Comics Movies Announced.

(Gazza) #101

Havent seen that film in a while its a great gangster film though.