Film Discussion Thread

(Gazza) #242

you thought t3 was better than salvation? i hate how the films have gone personally but thought salvation was decent.

Not really hyped over this new terminator film tbh but ill give it a watch.

(Lewis) #243

It’s not a terminator film without Arny. T3 was definetely better than Salvation in my eyes, just becuse of Arny alone. Salvation I found to be incredibly boring.

After watching Jurassic world - or Jurassic cringe - I went into T: Genysis thinking it was going to be shit, but I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s just a really entertaining action film with some top special effects and classic Arny quotes.

(Matt) #244 - Jurassic World spoiler, don’t click if you ain’t seen it.

Amazing video.

(Fatmanp) #245

I enjoyed Salvation.

(C**t ) #246

Kevin Smith talking about a cancelled Superman movie with Nicholas Cage as Superman and Tim Burton as the director, really funny if you like Kevin Smith.


Have to reccomend Mad Max 3, none-stop classic action (real stunts) with scenes crammed full of little details that make rewatching it awesome - had me grinning from start to finish!

Now one not many will have seen, Super:

Did terribly at release; Kick Ass had just come out and people wrote it off as a cash in (both went into development at about the same time). It’s the better film, Kick Ass is very fluffy - not much too it except a few cool moments and the usual teen with asperations story.

Super is deeper, darker and funnier; keeps you guessing… Doesn’t feed you a moral story, lets you decide that for yourself which is refreshing.

Has an awesome cast: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page (in spandex!), Kevin Bacon and even Bubbles from The Wire! Such a great film, I recommend it.

(Adam) #248

Necroing this thread because I want to agree with the above post. Super is fucking amazing, and oh my God Ellen Page. Hundred times better than Kick Ass. I’ve recommended that film to so many people and barely anyone’s even heard of it.

Saw Nocturnal Animals and Silence recently. Both amazing films. Oscar worthy performances from the leads in both and I always love seeing some Jake Gyllenhal anyway. Would 100% recommend them both.

(Dean) #249

Responding a year later. Shows how much time you spend with us.

(Gavin Rainey) #250


Recently watched…

wait sorry I just watch The Wire

(Adam) #251

It’s k, I’m going through an SSRCG fad at the moment.

(Sam Hather) #252

Looking forward to this cliche filled rollercoaster - trailer looks class.

(Lethal) #253

Knaked Knights is a good film.

(Sam Hather) #254

I’d say there’s only a few 1999 releases which beat Knaked Knights; Toy Story 2, American Beauty, The Matrix, The Green Mile.

Absolutely blessed year for the film industry.

(Gavin Rainey) #255

If only they left the Matrix at 1 film.

(Adam) #256

Matrix reboot coming soon.
I don’t want to live in this world any longer.

(Xenoscythe) #257

I hope you’re not lying to me @Nyu

(Gavin Rainey) #258

every article on google says it isnt a reboot

(Sam Hather) #259

@Nyu reporting alternative facts ffs.


Proper enjoyed the first, and looking forward to this - slightly confused how Colin Firth is back mind you.

(Sam Hather) #261

I’m hoping he just got up and walked away afterwards haha