EPL Draft Fantasy Football

(Ryan Roberts) #21

So… who are you looking at?

(Sam Hather) #22

No other than Diego Costa ofc and Wayne Rooney.

(Ryan Roberts) #23

Hmmmm ok.

@Noodle you have an offer.

(Adam Harwood) #24

I dropped Costa from my team. Didn’t want his ugly mug upsetting the rest of my team.

(Sam Hather) #25

Really glad I shipped Mata out…

(Ryan Roberts) #26

Anyone up for round two? Didn’t get much of a challenge last season :wink:

(DayC) #27

Official one has a draft mode this year I think. Might be a better bet if no one is on the other one.

(Sam Hather) #28

So down if the official one has a draft

(Ryan Roberts) #29

Does it? I can’t see it anywhere.

(DayC) #30

I think this is it, 2 seperate game modes now if I’ve read correctly. Not sure if the rules are any good, will let you decide for yourself.

(Ryan Roberts) #31

I’m game, i’ll actually remember to take part in the draft this time. Dibs on Capoue.

(DayC) #32

Yeah same man. Normal FPL commences this week and draft starts sometime next week so you have plenty of time to setup for both game modes if you want.

(Dean) #33

I’m down. Going to build myself an ex Ajax team

(Thom Haas) #34

im in if someone reminds me

(Peter Woodberry) #35

I’m down for a draft game as well, we can all jump on discord when we need to do the draft once we can all agree a day/time to do it.

(Gavin Rainey) #36

down like syndrome

(Xenoscythe) #37

Draft was wank last time nobody actually showed up so just was just autodraft

We setting up a normal league too?

(Peter Woodberry) #38

We can do the draft still if we do the draft one evening soon?

I set up a regular classic league anyway


(Thom Haas) #39

whos doing this?

(Ryan Roberts) #40

I was guilty of that… but it’s not even live yet, I say give it another shot and set a decent time one of the evenings once it’s open we can agree on.