Epic Clips Thread


I’ve got a couple in the works, I’ll try and get them to you soon ^^

(Dean) #103

I don’t play anymore Dad, so can’t give you legendary clips. Might jump on for two games later and get you a good 100 clips.

(Matt) #104

Piss poor quality because I fucked up the rendering

(Peter Woodberry) #105

Was playing average yesterday but whenever I got into a 1vX shit like this was happening.

(Sam Hather) #106

That’s average?

(Matt) #107

What do you expect from our very own kennys jr?

(Peter Woodberry) #108

Only the best.


As Pete’s an arse and forgot to link me his capture of my clip thought I’d do it myself;


(Xenoscythe) #110

Holy hardscope batman, i thought my video had frozen :smiley: nice shootin.


Hey you want me to make sure there’s no-one coming short, you got it. Also cheers matey =D

(Peter Woodberry) #112

I set it to upload but in the morning when I checked it wasn’t on my mediafire for some reason so I apologize :frowning:


No worries matey =)

edit Why you no cap in 60fps?

(Gavin Rainey) #114

(Peter Woodberry) #115

I actually just noticed I have it set to 45. GG.

(Xenoscythe) #116

Sometimes I like the usp.

(Matt) #117

(Peter Woodberry) #118

(Matt) #119

(Rob Thomas) #120

Dem Eco aces.

Ty @Frosty

(Matt) #121