Epic Clips Thread

(Peter Woodberry) #62


(Josh) #63

That was more than amusing at the time.

P.S fuck Cobble lol.

(Peter Woodberry) #64

@The_Dice_man cheats or no cheats?

(Mark Dornan) #65

24 secs is hardly enough to judge.

On watching it, definitely not walling , 1 kill is not enough to tell whether it is an aimbot.

I would say no from what I’ve seen, just great shot and quick reflexes, I’ve pulled many shots off like this myself.

(Peter Woodberry) #66

I was just poking a bit of fun wasn’t being serious, the guy had tried it a few rounds ago and I nearly caught him the first time, he didnt have head armor so it was a swift 1 bullet.

Still probably the craziest shot I’ve had in CS.


Just an average Ace but hey =)


Oh and an AWP 3k on a 1v3, including one through smoke =P

(Mark Dornan) #69

I’d be expecting a ban anytime soon.

(Xenoscythe) #70

LOL the fuck was that shot through the smoke. Overwatch would have your ass for that :smiley:


Haha ikr =/ I was playing with Blanks at the time, I legit shouted like a girl in a shoe sale when I hit that shot.

(Sam Hather) #72

why do you all play left hand? and also; @Frosty why don’t you use a silencer on your m4?

(Gavin Rainey) #73

@Smather the big M4 has 10 more bullets and is almost as accurate, when you get used to the spray pattern it is just as good.

Give it a try.

Same deal with the p2000 and the USP-S, the p2000 (or p2k) has more bullets and is similar stats wise in most cases, but when it comes to accuracy the USP-S seems better.

Left hand is pure preference. In your console type cl_righthand 0 or 1 to change between.

(Sam Hather) #74

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Matt) #75

Totally preference, I jump about alot. Atm I’m on 4:3 with bars left hand silenced.

just don’t fuck with your sens

(Van Slab) #76

(Peter Woodberry) #77

Oh my that was so funny hahaha.

(Ben ) #78

I play left handed because it’s to do with your dominent eye. My right eye is the most dominent there for having more vision on the right side of my screen seems to help. I read a good article about it some were that I’ll try to find.


Just realised you meant about the left/right position of your weapon - thought you were talking about why you tried to knife haha.

(Peter Woodberry) #80


My that was nice of him to smoke CT for you xD GJ though man =)