Epic Clips Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Post your highlights here:

(Mark Dornan) #2

First ACE and with the Nova for LULZ.

(Graeme) #3

Sick aces by Matt and Pete. Gav Y U NO TOGGLE FOR LAST KILL.

(Peter Woodberry) #4

King of pistol rounds.

(Peter Woodberry) #5

Auto-Noob too strong:

(Gavin Rainey) #6

I might change the title of this thread to @WoodchucK and his aces

(Peter Woodberry) #7

I’ve been thinking of changing my name to Woodclutch :wink:

(Dean) #8

Is this thread CSGO only?

(Josh) #9

If you do that it wont happen any more lol

(Lethal) #10

Na you can post your QL stuff as well. Just most of the players are playing CSGO here.

(Peter Woodberry) #11

Its in the CS:GO category so I’m gonna say probably not?

(Lethal) #12

Lol I thought it was just in the FPS section never mind.

(Peter Woodberry) #13

If only I managed to get the 1 deag on Silencer after the 4 man spray down against you last night Harry I would be adding another one to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

(Josh) #14

Does this mean some mixes on the server happened in the end?

(Gavin Rainey) #15

They met eachother in MM

(Josh) #16

Oh how amusing! The only question left to answer now is who won :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matt) #17

You can check out my past broadcasts for the answer to that josh!

(Peter Woodberry) #18

We did 16-14, got a 4 man spray down in the final round as they rushed B apps :smiley:

(Josh) #19

ooh sounds like some meaty tackle

(Matt) #20

Welcome 2 silver