EPGP, Trial of Valor and Mythic DPS

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We now have a few new members entering the guild, Heroic Emerald Nightmare is cleared, and Trial of Valor is opening on Wednesday. So it’s time to have an update post with where we are going next and to clear some stuff up for newer members.


EPGP is similar to DKP, which will be a familiar system to older players. If not, then don’t worry it’s nice and easy to follow. What EPGP is, is a form of distributing loot fairly based on who attends the most raids. Instead of just having a need/greed system which can result in people who attend every raid losing out, or DKP which would result in new players never being able to catch up, EPGP is a system which is half way between the two. It’s broken down into three parts;

Effort Points (EP) - Given for killing a boss or attending a raid
Gear Points (GP) - Given for looting an item
Personal Rating (PR) - The value which decides who receives loot.

The personal rating is worked out from the following formula - Effort Points/Gear Points = Personal Rating

What this means is that on average, if player A raids twice a week and player B raids once a week, player A will receive twice as much loot. However, each item has different values and fluctuates based on it’s ilvl, so Warforged and Titanforged can change this a little.

Effort Points

We will be rewarding EP for the following;

Time spent in raids - 1000EP/hour (Given as 500EP every 30 minutes)
Normal Bosses - 1000 for guilds first kill, 0 for each kill after [We will only be running normal in future when a new raid is released to get a basic grasp on the tactics]
Heroic / Mythic Bosses - 2500 for guilds first kill, 1000 for each kill after

We are also adding a new rule to help protect existing members. New members must now have at least 12,500 EP before being able to receive loot. The reason for this is that when a new member joins they usually jump to the top of PR ratings, and we have had a few cases where we have got a new member, given them loot, and they have then jumped ship. However, once you hit the 12,500 EP mark you will get the next item that you roll on as you will be sat at 125PR which is a value nearly impossible to achieve once you’ve taken loot.

We will start decaying EP in the future, more details will follow.

Add-on and webstandings

You can download the EPGP addon from Curse.
You can also view the standings online.

Trial of Valor

Thursday will be our first step into Trial of Valor this week. We will be hitting normal mode first thing, hopefully for a nice quick clear and to get grasp of the tactics. Then the plan is to clear Heroic by the end of this weekend’s raid. In future we will be clearing Heroic Trial of Valor first, before going back to take a shot at Mythic Emerald Nightmare. For that though, we need to increase our DPS a little.

Mythic DPS

For Mythic, our DPs all need to be sitting around 300k. We have a few people sat near that mark if we look at the Xavius kill. We had 4 people over 300k, then 6 people between 245-300k. In Mythic we will be running with 14 DPS, so 10 of them are very close to hitting 300k, and if we average them all out we are looking at around 290k.

I will expand on this one later as I am running out of time, and will link a few mods which can really help. I have taken a look through some peoples stats, and big issues seem to be dot’s falling off, which is a huge loss of damage. A dot timer add-on would really help out here.

The logs for last night can be found on Warcraft Logs here.

I would also recommend all DPS looking at the following CheckMyWow report. This show’s you how many dot’s, cool downs and reactive spells you missed. It also shows you other information such as being energy/focus capped, and cancelling casts early. I will be linking this every raid and people must be looking at every one.

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