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(Gavin Rainey) #1

Sometimes in life you can get very comfortable, take things for granted even and before you know it, everything changes.

We knew before the ESEA season it would be the last for Andre aka Electrix, as he was starting his career and finding less and less time to play. Part of the way through the season we knew Stian aka Karrage would not carry on playing CS:GO after LAN as he too is starting his career.

Towards the end of the season we knew too that Tom aka Nodawe would not be able to play more than 10-15 hours a week and practise times would be incredibly hindered if he were to stay on.

The core of TeqR is gone, Me, Tom, Karrage have all moved on meaning noone from the original roster exists but we very much live on. I value Tom as a very close friend and will do what I can to continue to stay in touch. Andre and Karrage it is harder because of the geographical hurdles but I will always do whatever I can to help them. They provided memories in and out of the team for me that cannot be replaced. They took the team and smashed enough people, got out of groups in ESEA twice, once in EU Open and once in UK Open. Blitzed people in UKMinors with a sub, got out of Groups at LAN and made it so we had people ask to join us, instead of us having to recruit intensely.

Myself and Tom however, did not let this creep up on, we did not get comfortable and planned to keep the team alive. The most difficult recruitment in CS in general is a good IGL. During all our fun and shenanigans in the UKMinor league (theyre changing the name don’t worry) we met a young lad named Dream, who casted all the games. Seeing our skill on social media (thanks Dean) we became pally and discovered that he isnt just a shitter trying to cast because he cant play, he was doing it because he has time to fill due to his team folding and he is absolutely one of the most dedicated to the cause prospects you will see. He ticks all the boxes, level 10 faceit, tonnes of hours every 2 weeks, ESEA playoffs. Myself and Tom DP’d him in a long call and agreed he has the right personality to carry the team on.

So at LAN we spoke to Joss and Pete and I told them I would build the team around those two as the core. With Joss being the cup, the style we want to cater for and Pete being water, an incredibly versatile player with a lot of experience and pedigree.

A team TeqR battered at i60, and at i61 in prac had a young lad called FiggyS in it, first time I met him is when me and Smidsy mindfucked his team after they talked shit. But even in defeat I noticed he stood ahead of his friends and was a player we needed, an AWPer. So myself and Harry aka Lethal spent time talking to him and confirmed he had everything we needed, a strong mentality, dedication and skills.

So at this point the team stands at:

Dream - IGL
Figgy - AWP
Joss - Rifle
Pete - Everything
??? - ???

Figgy made a good point to us “The best players say the way to make a team is to take three kids, and have two older players to teach them”

This is something I can believe in, Pete is one player here with a lot to put to the team, great midround calls and setups and executes from TeqR and MANBAT.

While I have been building the new team, I have been talking to two of my old friends who want to come back, Chance and Tankey. You may at this point say “haHAA back again Chance for 4 weeks gg ragequit” which very well may be true, however I am happy to say he will play with the lads in TeqR from this week as he has tried to prove his intent by spending 1k on a PC to come back.

This is a big risk, but I am not silly and have contingency planned.

I believe if we hit out targets, and hit our shots here, with this lineup we can really do well.

The plan is to trial the team in the next ESEA season starting by using the next 25 ish days to prepare.

Lets hope this works out and TeqR esports carrys on up!

(Sam Connolly) #2

Seems like the end of an era without the TeqR lineup we’ve had for so long, but still, onwards and upwards. All the best to the new team, I’m sure TeqR on the whole will continue to exceed expectations.

I can’t remember if FiggyS was the shit chatter or not. But there was 4 on that team who were alright lads and one who chats shit. The most infuriating part for me of that match was that the top fragger was also the shit talker. If it was Figgy, I think he’ll have to dial it back a bit at LAN, or he’s gonna end up with Gav and Smidsy clones after him again. But that being said, all the players on that team played well.

@Cabbage @Nodawe @Electrix all in all, I’d say you’ve had tremendous success with the team, congratulations! Best of luck with your careers.

@joss @Mania both of you are incredibly talented, and I’ve got no doubt in my mind you’re both fully capable of driving this team forwards. Excited to see what you achieve in the future. Just like to say that tom used to steam message us when TeqR streams started, it’s your job now :wink:

(Anthony) #3

All the best developing and progressing with the new roster. :shark:

(Peter Woodberry) #4

Some people say change isn’t always for the better, but it all depends what you make of it.

Playing in this team for the last 3 months or so has made me love CS again and even though I realize I am no longer still a young kid in this scene (23 going on 24 next year fml) I still have the drive and ability to make my time in this game worthwhile.

Going to miss @Cabbage @Nodawe & @Electrix so much, I love you guys unconditionally and I will see you soon for TeqR holiday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am however extremely excited to play with some talented young players and really push this team as far as it can go. Hopefully the chance we’re taking with Tim (pun fully intended) proves to be successful as I feel the roster will be skilled and dynamic enough to achieve any goals put in front of us.

#followthefox :fox_face:

(Xenoscythe) #5

Many thanks to @Cabbage @Nodawe & @Electrix for the good times, really hope you guys still join us at LAN and on discord, you’re part of the community now!

Glad to welcome Dream and Figgy!

Said it privately but I am unimpressed with the choice of Tim as the 5th especially as you just said you had a lot of people interested, he doesn’t fit the team in any way and is proven as about reliable as a UK top team. Quite sad he’s been given a look for a team i love. But hes a very good player and i hope i’m proved wrong.

(Adam Harwood) #6

I was happy to see the guys and girls at LAN albeit during a brief visit and my mate Jake said you were all wonderful people and enjoyed meeting you guys.

I am also glad I got to see the TeqR boys that I have come to know and love make it out of the groups. I was so happy for you all and even on my trip down to Weston, I got the stream up in the car on my phone so I could follow the knockouts games. I am sad to be seeing @Electrix, @Cabbage & @Nodawe leaving the team, but also excited to see the future with @joss & @Mania steering the TeqR ship forward.

The new signings in Dream and Figgy, have me salivating at the mouth. Two extremely strong players who both add some extra pizzazz to the team alongside a fresh approach and bags of knowledge with room to grow and flourish.

Now I don’t know this Tim lad but from what I am reading and hearing, there is some animosity stemming from a previous stint. Here is his Chance (pun) to put down the nay-sayers and get rid of the stigma that is attached to him. Don’t let your CS skills be the only thing to do the talking though, it has to be your personality within the community and team that ultimately shines through if you want to be (re)welcomed into the fold. But it also goes vice-versa guys, if Tim is to be in the team, then we also need to work on getting rid of that animosity.

Also looking away from the CS scene, a big well done to @Easy needs to be said after his performance at LAN in the Hearthstone Tournament coming in the 9-12th position.

Looking ahead, I will be attending Spring Insomnia and I think I have managed to persuade a few more of my mates to come along so hopefully the SSRCG family will be growing even more!!

(Rory Redmond) #7

Thanks for the opportunity at teqr means a lot to have gotten the offer for this team and am glad to be in game leading into a new era :slight_smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #8

Is it a dream?

(Rory Redmond) #9


(Sam Hather) #10

Sad to see you leave boys @Nodawe @Electrix @Cabbage, but excited to spend more time IRL with @Nodawe now and for our big gay adventure to Norway next year to visit @Cabbage @Electrix and TULS!

Proud of @Mania (Woodchuck) for proving me wrong in the team, I still imagine you as the whinging league player haha. and of course @joss, if you can survive living in the jungle with Baloo then you can do owt mate.

Welcome to @Dream, I hope you enjoy the memes.

Mirror Xeno’s sentiments about the 5th, but we shall see!

(Lethal) #11

You need to 1vs1 me on Vanilla Militia and win to finalise your team position, you’ll have 20 chances. You’ll then need to play @Noodle on Assault.

(Rory Redmond) #12

I’m ready :4head:

(Xenoscythe) #13

(Ben ) #14

*woke *woke *woke

(Gavin Rainey) #15

I was so out of it when i wrote this i didnt even brag about top 12 in hearthstone