Destiny 2 - September 8th - PC version confirmed

(Fatmanp) #1

Anybody interested?

Beta via pre order.

Anybody else interested? I’m in.

(Xenoscythe) #2

Is that Nathan Fillion?


(Fatmanp) #3

I think so. Or Nolan North.

(Sam Hather) #4

I’m in for playing it - will consider preordering to play beta. If @Noodle fads I will too.

(Fatmanp) #5

Basically now we just wait to see who we have to preorder with to gain access then

(Van Slab) #6

yer and Lance Reddick

(Lethal) #7

Daddy don’t hold me back I want this

(James) #8

yusssssssss :smiley:

(Tom Cannon) #9

Like 99% sure it is yeah. And yeah looking forward to picking this up, looked like quite a good thing once all the flaws were ironed out in the first.

(Matt) #10

He played the same character in the first one too.

(Fatmanp) #11

Seems like there is quite a bit of interest then.

(Matt) #12

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with enemies. Alit if the challenge seemed to come from hitting fast moving enemies or specific spots on the phalanx cabal enemies but I would think most people from this forum won’t have any issues doing that with a mouse.

(Peter Woodberry) #13

Never played Destiny because it was on console but I’d love to give it a bash on PC

(Fatmanp) #14

PC preorder up on Amazon. Got my code emailed already and pre order cancelled.

(Sam Hather) #15

When’s beta? Do we know yet?

(Fatmanp) #16

We will know at latest by E3.

(Josh) #17

100% buying this probably for xbox and pc. Smashed the living shit out of the first one.

(Fatmanp) #18

Steam it is.

(Luke) #20

So Destiny 2 drops on Battlenet for PC on 24th October 2017 for the fresh price of £44.99.
Was wondering who would be getting it? Would be cool to get a clan togather for sh*ts and giggles.

So who will be playing on PC and who will be playing on consoles?

  • Will be playing on PC (via
  • Already playing on PS4
  • Already playing on XboxOne
  • Will be playing on PS4 at some point
  • Will be playing on XboxOne at some point

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Minimum specs

CPU: Intel Core i3-3250
GPU: Nvidia - GeForce GTX 660 2GB
GPU AMD - Radeon HD 7850 2GB

(Ryan Roberts) #21

Won’t be getting it, Destiny is monument to all the sins of Bungie and Halo. An aesthetic adventure with a disappointing, measly side of game play.