Custom water loop

(Josh) #1

Just curious if anyone on here has done a custom loop in their system?

I have been trying to work out exactly what I need and I think this could be the lot. Does anyone have any experience with custom loops to help me out?

I think I “might” need some 45 degree angled fittings to make things a bit tidier from the gpu block to the cpu block. The main thing I am wondering is if I need any blanking fixings for the reservoir or if it actually comes with the additional holes sealed.

I just don’t want to be in a position where I am waiting for one stupid little part before being able to get cracking with building it all up.

Parts list:

I have already made an alteration to that screen shot but their basket bloody resets every so often (super annoying) so I have switched out the single 60mm deep 240mm rad for two 38mm deep 240mm rads to make sure I have adequate cooling for everything.


(Spankpaddle) #2

Be super careful when doing this. Back in 05 when I was building water cooled systems for kids with to much money we bought measured radiators that should have fit the case. Turns out there was a couple CM on each side and we had to dremel the case to make them fit.

Your pump will be based on how much water you will actually be pumping. I know this sounds like no shit, but I have seen people with a pump for, say, just the CPU, then upgrade to an SLI setup and wanted to water cool it. Well the pump couldn’t circulate the water and heat built up on a block and destroyed a video card. Same concept for the radiator, if you cant dissipate the heat fast enough you recycle shitty water.

Piping can be a pain to get correctly because some wear, some are coated internally with shit that can collect in the reservoir or radiator or worse, on your fittings blocking waterflow.

The only thing I can recommend that I do not see on your list are actually these
I have seen over time pipes come loose from their fittings, soak a mobo, and the whole PC was ruined. These just ensure that shit will never happen. They are also pretty low-key

These are just the things to watch out for that I have seen that catch people off guard. Also, buy spare everything =( you do not want to stop gaming because something as petty as a broken fitting, cracked heat sink, etc.

(Josh) #3

Thanks for the reply, I also emailed EK and they sent me back a decent email which said I basically have everything I need including the ability to expand to a second GPU at a later stage via the above setup.

I dont need the hose clamps you have said as I have gone for compression fittings which clamp down over the barbs rather than being just a barb and hoping for the best.

I have decided to go for thicker tubing and remove the coil, and adjust the size of the fittings accordingly and add some 90 and 45 degree fittings to give me some room with how I actually hook it all up.

Not too sure how I will go about draining the system, but I think I will incorporate a valve at a later stage as I shouldn’t need to drain it for a while after its done.

Now I just need to drop the bass on my wallet and then spend a weekend swearing at my pc till its all in and leak tested!

Wish me luck!

Edit: Purchased, and because I am inpatient I paid for 1 day delivery to make sure its here for the weekend!


This is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve dabbled with water cooling in the past and built one for my brother but that was a case with a built in radiator/fittings/reservoir and such so it wasn’t too difficult. The only iffy part was when we broke his brand new 8800gtx as we screwed the water block on the outside first going in, bending the card =( - new 8800gtx later and we did it right haha. Outside of that it was a good old Corsair H40 for my previous build, good luck man and keep us posted on how this turns out <3

(Anthony) #5

Would like to see some pictures when it’s done Josh as I know you are into the aesthetics of your gear.

(Josh) #6

Oh I deffo plan on making some kind of build log on this. But knowing me I will get stuck right in and forget to take loads of photos.

I will do my best to update in here with my results :slight_smile:

Edit: for anyone interested in the final list of stuff.

(Josh) #7

This is what I managed to come up with initially.

I then decided I wanted to get things a little tidier and also the tube going from the gpu to the rad would have stuck out the side of the case, so went ahead and ordered another 10 or so various angled fittings.

I have now ended up with:

All finished, leak tested for a day and all seems good:

It’s a shame you don’t get to see the water block on the GPU as it really looks awesome.

Sorry for the potato quality photos.

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(Xenoscythe) #8

Looks amazing mate! Really nice job.

(Adam Mc Collum) #9

That actually looks insanely cool. Nice job.

(Yan) #10

I’ve been interested in doing this for a while, but is it actually worth it? I can’t get over the thought of a tube exploding and flooding all my shit.

(Josh) #11

It is very unlikely to leak from one of the tubes, you are likely to get leaks from the joints.

My CPU temps are not much lower than when I had a corsair h80i on it, but my gpu is sitting currently at 40 degrees while playing diablo 3 RoS in 4k. When before it would have been somewhere near 80 degrees.


Looks awesome man, really gj!


Looks nice. Have a custom loop myself, though it’s CPU only (cause I’m a cheapskate), which I wouldn’t do again cause it’s just not worth… have it sine '12 or so and still haven’t added a GPU -_-
To anyone wanting to try, go ahead and do ot if you’ve got the means it’s hella cool, and easier than you’d think. I’ve not had any problems with mine whats or ever (knocks on wood). The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you have a easy way to tell if the system is running in case it’s not blatently obvious by just looking at it… or worse, hearing it haha :smiley: