CS GO clearout

(Ben ) #1

So I am having a clear out. I currently have £80 on my steam account. I am willing to buy a knife or items up to that value and sell for £60 cash transfer :slight_smile:

Or if you would prefer Steam games either way your getting a bargain :wink:

My MOT is due on my car so raising up some expendable funds. Please reply on this thread if you are interested.

(Sam Hather) #2

Are you sure this isn’t OW related lol

(Ben ) #3

Nope already sold a knife for OW :wink:

(Ben ) #4

Thread Bump. I now have £90 available to spend on steam so get at me if you want cheap games.

Ie I buy you a game for £40rrp and you pay me £30 :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #5

Might end up taking you up on this if anything good comes out haha

(Ben ) #6

Still got money available on steam. Hit me up if any body wants games cheaper than the steam price :slight_smile: