CS Gambling sites

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Have any of you been following the drama?

I will update in a while but basically H3H3 made a mad video where he said the gambling sites are bollocks and everything went mad from there.

faze dudes
all involved

it seems Phantom lord has been buying fake subs too, massive scumbag

(Peter Woodberry) #2

I never liked Phantom Lord anyway.

(Ryan Roberts) #3

I’ve never understood the appeal of cosmetics in the first place… I’ve followed it a little bit, but all this tube drama is getting boring now.

(Gavin Rainey) #4

I dont like him either, I didnt like how he would take some many viewers and subs in for not even playing.

It is funny it turns out he has been buying subs.

Best case scenario is he leaves CS now and goes back to league (for him).

Worst case is now he gets perma banned from twitch for botting subs, and someone sues him for the Lotto stuff and he gets rekt.

If he went to prison and someone saw his forehead twitch he will get it every day haha

(Dean) #5

How does he profit from this? Do people sub based on how many others sub, or is it done during the stream to get others to sub at the same time?

(Gavin Rainey) #6

no idea

I would guess he pays less than the going rate for them, and it keeps trains going, like fake donations.

(James) #7

Cannot stand PhantomLord hated him when he played league still hate him while he plays CS

(Lethal) #8

Can’t stand him either, he’s a massive gambling addict prick who from what I’ve seen in those Skype logs, a discrimating arsehole who talks and looks down at people

Also this guy in his Twitch chat did make me laugh:

(Gavin Rainey) #9


(Paul Corkin) #10

His channel just got closed as well. Shady fuck. Never liked him in the first place tbh.

(Peter Woodberry) #11

I don’t really care for the prices of them I just have ones I like the looks of.

(Lethal) #12

His life just got completely shut down haha

(DayC) #13

Lot of them are cunts, questionable what the dev did but at least he had a conscience in the end and outed the cocky fuck boys in the end.

(Gazza) #14

pls no was fuckin annoyed he started streaming league… but thank god hes perma banned


Just fuck these guys, that fucking non-apology vid TmarTn did deserved a good fashioned jail arse-raping by itself!

(Lethal) #16


(Gavin Rainey) #17

(Dean) #18

The websites at the bottom made me question, why is Dota 2 not seeing a gambling issue? What makes the CS Skins so different?

(Gavin Rainey) #19

i think, not sure, but dota2lounge may be the daddy in the dota2 scene gambling wise, and I also think CS skins are worth a lot more, float value etc

(Peter Woodberry) #20

People kicking up a fuss because csgl is getting shafted but Fanobet isn’t. Fanobet has actual gambling licenses in some countries and is actively looking to acquire more.