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So boys fight night soon… picks? (assuming anyone reads this thread :p)

Personally I think Charles Martin will retain the IBF title - too tricky, too experienced, too good of a counter puncher for Joshua. I have it for Martin any time, past the 6th. I could be horrifically wrong!

Connor Benn is debuting and he looks shit hot, great shape and great technical skills he’ll probably blast a bum opponent but will be interesting to see what he’s capable of.

Lee Selby, Welsh Mayweather, I truly believe will contend for #1 P4P spot one day, championship rounds knockout for him.

Anyone like/dislike Shannon Briggs? I think he’s a legend, bringing a bit of noise to the boxing scene and coming over showing he’s happy to bang with the British heavyweights and for the first time in a long time we do have some nice heavyweight prospects.

(Xenoscythe) #63

I’m hoping Joshua will knock Martin out nice and early otherwise Martins big hits will be too much for him, really hoping he keeps the athleticism flowing.

Manny vs Bradley I’m hoping will be more entertaining than last time but I can’t imagine it going any other way.

I love Shannon Briggs and i’m really hoping he fights Haye at some point though I dont think he’d stand much chance, hes mostly fought 3rd rate fighters since his comeback.

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yeah personally i think the longer it goes on the less chance AJ has… lacks in exp and the sheer shape on him he will tire very easily.

personally i found both pac bradley fights very exciting, manny has allegedly been training like his life depends on it and from watching media workouts he looks in great nick, personally im just gutted he didnt fight terrence crawford but he probably doesnt want his head taken off for his last fight!

i also see Briggs Haye in the pipeline - i think it would be closer than people think but i would still pick Haye for a devastating ko…

thoughts on khan canelo @Xenoscythe … imo a lot of people writing khan off waaaaay too early but i know you dont rate him. if he wavers from the gameplan or shows the famous khan heart hes getting ktfo

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(Xenoscythe) #65

hahahaha rip

Didn’t remotely take advantage of his southpaw, way too upright, way too confident in his chin.

Excellent fight by Joshua.

Definitely think Khan can beat Canelo, his speed will be key and hes got plenty of it.

Bonus pic of Mourinho grabbin ass

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Khan Canelo prediction? @Xenoscythe In my head I know who should win, but I got this feeling in my bum khan is gonna edge it, mean af gameplan

(Gavin Rainey) #67

I think the media help in bringing Khan into the fight in peoples heads. I don’t know if he can even outwork Canelo or keep him on the end but im not interested too much in catchweight fights.

I am really buzzing for Ward Kovalev tho

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Dropped like an absolute bad habit…
Canelo v GGG and Ward v Krusher some deadly forces at work right now

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This news shocked me. But only because I thought he died years ago.

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Lomachenko sweetest boxer alive, #1p4p very soon, 2 weight world champ 6 fights in and just annihilated a proven gatekeeper, like I said him vs rigo would be a pinnacle of boxing technique

(Gavin Rainey) #72


who we got? AJ Wlad

I am team Wlad but just hope for a good fight.

(Ben ) #73

I reckon vlad on points

(Adam Harwood) #74

I’ve been a big AJ fan ever since I met him in Sheffield after his first pro fight. So humble and willing to take the time out for a few pictures with the people that recognised him. Me and my mate were the last ones out of about 8/10 people who asked for a photo/ask him about the fight. After granting us with a photo and a quick chat, he asked us a question, ‘Do either of you guys know how to play roulette?’ We had a couple of friends on the roulette table at the time and were then heading back to them so we said, ‘Well yeah, we are now heading that way.’ ‘Mind if I join you?’ was the reply. ‘Of course not!’ So yeah, my little claim to fame is helping teach AJ how to play roulette.

But back to the fight; In my heart it’s AJ the winner here, but this is a massive challenge/step up in class for him. He is young, hungry and out to prove he can be the biggest household British boxing name ever. He has never had to fight such a tactical mastermind like Klitschko though, who even though is 41, he is in one of the best shapes of his life/career and also out to prove he can still be in this game.

If AJ can’t hit the button, Klitschko wins on points. If AJ lands shots and is able to work him, AJ wins by Knockout. My head is saying 60/40 in Klitschko’s favour to win on points. I hope I’m wrong.

(Sam Hather) #75

Jesus fucking christ, what a fight.

(Thom Haas) #76

I was on my feet from round 5 until the end. So entertaining !!

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Also cant wait for saunders to get his head beat in by anyone decent. Can’t stand him.

(Gavin Rainey) #79

He was in 2nd-3rd gear when he saw how bad monroe jr came to that fight, he was like a bad sparring partner.

He is a bit of a dick but he is also a tremendous middleweight and wont be an easy fight for anyone.